The social landscape is changing, and so should you

Discover insights from senior executives at Kepios and more, alongside Hootsuite, as we explore the rise of AI and its impact on social media marketing, and the ever-changing regulation disrupting social networks. Let's explore predictions, discuss complex challenges, and deep-dive into the seismic shifts headed our way.

This event is your guiding star, helping you discover what 2019—and beyond—has in store for social and for brands using it. With guest speakers and our own experts lighting the way, you won’t want to miss it.


Welcome Remarks
  • Roger Graham, Hootsuite
Future of Social: The Age of the Individual
  • Kirsty Traill, Hootsuite
Becoming an Experience Business
  • Meyrick D’Souza, Adobe
Trends for the Contrarian Marketer
  • Assaf Tarnopolsky, LinkedIn
Back to the Future
  • Simon Kemp, Kepios
Crawling, Walking and Running to Build a Social Future
  • Vishwash Gaur, Prudential
Panel Discussion
Closing Remarks
  • Roger Graham, Hootsuite


  • Photo of Simon Kemp
    See more information about Simon Kemp

    Simon Kemp

    Founder & CEO Kepios

  • Photo of Kirsty Traill, Hootsuite
    See more information about Kirsty Traill, Hootsuite

    Kirsty Traill, Hootsuite

    VP, Customer Hootsuite

  • Photo of Assaf Tarnopolsky
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    Assaf Tarnopolsky

    Director, Marketing Solutions, Asia LinkedIn

  • Photo of Meyrick D’Souza
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    Meyrick D’Souza

    Product Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific Adobe

  • Photo of Vishwash Gaur
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    Vishwash Gaur

    Deputy VP, Marketing Prudential