From planning your content calendar to creating reports, you’ve got a lot to do on social media. With Hootsuite’s Business plan, you’ll have the best there is to manage all your accounts, publish content, monitor conversations, and measure your results.

    • Plan ahead for multiple campaigns with bulk scheduling, content calendars, and our auto-scheduler. 

    • Grow your followers and results with 250+ apps and integrations and industry-recognized social media certifications for your entire team.

    • Work fast as a team with efficient workflows and by sharing your account with up to 10 members. 

    • Measure the business impact of social with unlimited reports, real-time trend analysis, and detailed audience insights.

Benefits of a Hootsuite Business Plan

  • Employees & Contractors

  • Managers & Strategists

  • Clients & Leadership

  • Sign in to all social networks with one secure password

  • Quickly create insightful social media reports

  • Clearly see the business value of social with visual reports

  • Work as a team with efficient publishing approvals and tasks

  • Centralize administration of all accounts, projects, channels, and campaigns

  • Free teams from manual processes to focus on high-value tasks

  • Save time with our auto scheduler

  • Save time with ready-to-use reports

  • Get precise data on your highest performing content and social campaigns

Key Benefits

  • All of your social profiles and reports in one place

    From scheduling social meed posts to finding real-time conversations, your team can manage projects, channels, and tasks across your businesses’ social profiles.

  • Securely collaborate with clients and team members

    With Hootsuite’s secure publishing environment, you’ll keep your passwords, team members, and social media accounts secure. Instantly remove employee or contractor access if needed.

  • Plan ahead

    Tools such as bulk scheduling, our auto-scheduler, and content calendars make it easy to create and share a regular stream of content to increase your traffic and sales.

  • Save time and work together

    Manage all team members in one place, draft and approve content, oversee permissions, share reports, and publish content faster and with less effort. Share your account with up to 10 team members, approve content, and assign messages to the right people.

  • Manage content workflows and approvals

    Designate team leaders to approve outgoing content and assign messages to specific team members. It’s easy to share search streams with multiple team members–saving time and avoiding missed or duplicate responses to customers.

  • Fast setup and ongoing guidance

    Our experts will get your business or agency up and running with launch support, coaching, and ongoing premium support.

  • Train your entire team for success

    See results sooner with social media certification for your entire team. It’s a simple way to retain talented employees with professional development and quickly increase your company’s social expertise.

  • Connect social to the systems you already use

    Extend social media into your existing systems and programs with our 250+ business applications and integrations.

  • Prove and improve your return on investment in social

    Impress your boss or clients with presentation-ready visual graphs that show how social is driving your business goals. Analyze data from multiple social profiles and networks in one dashboard to uncover new ways to improve your social media strategy.

  • Never miss a trend or spike in customer conversations

    Uncover audience insights and use real-time data to grow your traffic. Need to proactively monitor a potential PR crisis? You’ll have the data that shows what’s happening online and when you need to act.