How does your social media strategy compare to your key competitors? Are you investing in the right areas? Are you pulling ahead—or falling behind industry standards?

We’ve built our Social Maturity Assessment to answer these questions—and more.

In your tailored assessment, one of our expert analysts will conduct a comprehensive review of your current social media strategy and tactics.

The outcome?

A presentation highlighting your strengths compared to industry averages, as well as recommendations on how to turn your areas of weakness into opportunities.

With our Social Maturity Assessment, you’ll get a full analysis containing:

Social Maturity Assesment

How your social media ranks against more than 600 enterprise organizations from around the world

An assessment of the maturity of your social media strategy and tactics across marketing, customer service, selling, and advocacy

A deep dive into how you use integrated technology and data

Clear, actionable recommendations to advance your social strategy

To get started, contact us to set up your discovery call with one of our social media experts.