Facebook ads work—but only if you know what you’re doing.

Learn how to optimize your Facebook ad spend with a rerun of our popular webinar series: Build Better Facebook Ads.

Each 20-minute webinar will cover a specific use of Facebook ads—from increasing brand awareness to driving conversions. All delivered by experts from both Facebook and Hootsuite.

You’ll also get the chance to have any and all questions answered by our experts on both days. Just simply sign up, and join in on the conversation.


  • Day 1

    Wednesday, August 15th at 8:00am PDT/11:00am ET/4:00pm BST

    • Increasing Brand Awareness Using Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Ad Targeting: How to Reach Your Optimal Audience
    • Turn Your Facebook Ads Into Leads: Testing Methods You Need to Know
    • Live Q&A
  • Day 2

    Thursday, August 16th at 8:00am PDT/11:00am ET/4:00pm BST

    • How to Measure Facebook Ad Success: Key Metrics Everyone Gets Wrong
    • Advanced Ad Optimization Techniques: Tips and Tricks from the Pros
    • Live Q&A


  • Photo of Marcos Oyarzabal
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    Marcos Oyarzabal

    Regional Product Marketing Manager Facebook

  • Photo of Franzi Zukale
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    Franzi Zukale

    Regional Product Marketing Manager Facebook

  • Photo of Douglas Weiss
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    Douglas Weiss

    Product Growth Team manager Facebook

  • Photo of Giulia Sergi
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    Giulia Sergi

    Regional Product Marketing Manager Facebook

  • Photo of Adi Thacker
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    Adi Thacker

    Product Growth Manager Facebook

  • Photo of Mikie Basi
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    Mikie Basi

    Former Ads Services Manager Hootsuite

  • Photo of Amanda Wood
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    Amanda Wood

    Social Marketing Lead Hootsuite