More buyer journeys than ever before begin—and often end—in the virtual world. Modern sellers must adapt and embrace powerful new digital prospecting and engagement options as part of their broader sales methodologies. Social selling plays a critical role, offering sales executives the opportunity to respond to digital-first buying behaviors, strengthen relationships, and build high-performing teams.

Key strategic takeaways

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Drawing on research by Hootsuite and Altimeter, analyst insights, and our own on-the-ground social selling experience, we identify key considerations for sellers making the digital shift:

  • Work with marketing counterparts to develop strong digital content
  • Use real-time social and digital data to identify buying intent signals and inform engagement
    Re-skill teams and build new digital-first teams to augment existing sales resources
  • Integrate social interaction data into sales tools to understand pipeline contribution and ROI
  • of B2B buyers don’t want sales to be their primary source of information (Source: McKinsey, 2020)

  • of surveyed marketers and executives have tracked sales that can be partially attributed to social media

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Teams that engage in social selling are more likely to:

  • Build stronger relationships with customers
  • See better results from digital investments
  • Attribute sales leads and purchases to social media activity