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Why Hootsuite's Advanced Social Advertising Training and Certification?

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Boost your skills—and your career prospects

Gartner found that 65 percent of marketing leaders plan to increase their digital advertising budgets. With this industry-recognized certification, you’ll be ready to build your career in the rapidly growing world of paid social.

The Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising Training and Certification is the best way to demonstrate your skill in using paid social to contribute to business objectives.

Our industry-recognized accreditation proves you can run large-scale tests of creative and audience to help you make a real impact on your company or client’s business.

Although anyone can take this course, it’s best suited for those who already understand the fundamentals of how social advertisements work.

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Industry-recognized certification

Demonstrate to potential employers and clients that you have in-demand skills and expertise to run social ad campaigns that get results.

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Certified Professionals Directory

Get listed in our public Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory, which helps employers and brands find talented social advertising pros like you.

What's covered in the course?

The Advanced Social Advertising Certification is based on our Advanced Social Advertising Training course—a comprehensive series of easy to follow video tutorials. If you're already a paid social pro you can take the exam right away, if not here's what you'll cover in the Advanced Social Advertising Training course:

  • The Social Advertising Landscape [Free]
    Learn how social advertising can be leveraged to help your organization achieve both brand awareness and performance goals

  • Setting the Stage for a Successful Social Media Ad Campaign [Free]
    Learn valuable best practices for setting achievable campaign goals. You’ll also learn about optimizing the organization of your campaign, from naming conventions, to setting up effective landing pages, and tracking website data using Pixels

  • Advanced Best Practices for Targeting Social Advertisements
    Discover the power of selecting and applying a buyer persona to your campaign, in addition to unique targeting methods offered by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

  • Creating and Iterating on Social Ads
    Take your visual assets and ad copy to the next level. You’ll also learn to optimize ad campaign performance with split testing to measure creative engagement and strategies for iterating on top performing content

  • Bidding and Buying Social Ads
    Learn how to keep your cost per click low, and engagement high by strategically optimizing your efficiency metrics

  • Tracking the Impact and ROI of your Social Ads
    Measure the engagement and impact of your ad campaigns,and learn how benchmarking tools can help contextualize your success. Then learn how to take that data to make your next campaign even more successful

Prove you can run social ad campaigns that get results