Centrally manage and reduce risk

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Enforce policies across the enterprise

Implement compliance policies and processes, approval workflows, and access controls enterprise-wide or at an individual level.

Integrate channel-specific controls

Access easy-to-use, real-time moderation and compliance controls for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels.

Automatically archive everything

Capture every social communication in a secure, searchable archive for retention, eDiscovery, and analysis.

Your compliance command centre

  • Do everything in one place

    Hootsuite and Actiance lead the way in compliant social media management, delivering broad compliance and deep insights via a central dashboard.

  • Easily manage account permissions

    Control and manage access to your social accounts on a global or individual level, and implement channel-specific compliance workflows and processes.

  • Monitor and control risk in real-time

    Automatically block threats and prevent account hacking, and moderate channels in real-time for inappropriate or non compliant content.

Capture every social communication in context

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Context is everything

Instead of seeing messages in isolation, you retain the full historical picture captured in the conversations around your social communications.

Securely save your social activity

Every social message you send using Hootsuite is automatically saved to the fastest, scalable context-aware, and immutable digital content cloud archive around.

Designed to grow with you

The Hootsuite and Actiance social compliance solution is as scalable as it is comprehensive. Adapt and scale it to fit your changing needs.

See how Hootsuite and Actiance keeps you compliant and safe on social