Did you know employee advocacy on social media builds trust and brand perception for financial institutions? And despite interest from 83% of Asia Pacific executives, only 1 in 3 organisations have a formal employee advocacy program in place.

Hootsuite partnered with Telsyte to survey more than 100 leaders about social media innovation—and the missed opportunities—in the finance industry across Asia Pacific.

The results uncover significant opportunities that social media presents today’s financial institutions. Key survey findings include:

  • More than just marketing — more than 90% of leaders see social media as essential for marketing, communication and sales, while 80% see social as key to corporate branding and employee advocacy.

  • Barriers to adoption — For nearly half of leaders, corporate policies (53%), legacy attitudes (49%) and legislative requirements (48%) are perceived to be the biggest barriers to social media adoption.

  • Lack of innovation — Only half of leaders believe their organisation is innovative in its use of social media and even less (33%) believe the financial services industry is innovative in the space.

Download this white paper and learn how to overcome industry barriers, while improving brand perception and driving employee advocacy on social media.