City, University of London wanted to create a greater sense of community for its current students, staff, and alumni. The hope was that by showcasing various campus activities through great content, that fans and followers would want to engage with and share that content. Reaching a greater, more engaged audience would help the university stand against competition—and attract superior talent and students.

Hootsuite Enterprise allows the marketing team to better understand and adjust to the types of conversations taking place around the university’s target audience. As a result, City, University of London has developed their own set of social media guidelines that helps protect the brand, but also promote marketing content that works.

Download the City, University of London case study to find out how they exceeded their goals, despite a lack of resources, by developing a collaborative strategy and integrating Hootsuite. In turn they:

  • Attracted over 63,000 Facebook and Twitter fans—with Facebook seeing a 71% growth in one year
  • Deliver important messages across the organization with 5 teams using Hootsuite
  • Earned over 100 student entries to #CityPhoto14 social photo contest
  • Saved time and resources with more effective social media workflows
  • Built an engaged online community worldwide