Free The Children is a charity with the mission to empower youth and their communities to end child poverty, exploitation, and the notion that kids are powerless to effect change. More than 1.7 million youth across North America and the UK have become Free The Children’s agents of global change. Both the charity and its globally successful initiative We Day, rely heavily on social media to gather global awareness and amplify stories.

Free The Children’s most powerful avenue for marketing is We Day. Think TEDtalks for youth. Hundreds of thousands of youth earn a ticket to the stadium-sized event by committing to take action against one local and one global cause. Millions more join in on the excitement online through social media and the live webcast.

Download our Free The Children case study to learn how they:

  • Use social media to amplify and plan an event as large as We Day
  • Build brand love through stories of success, sustainability, and hope
  • Empower brand ambassadors to connect worldwide in one-on-one conversations
  • Became one of the largest charitable Facebook causes in the world with over 3.3M likes
Free The Children helps to build active global citizens, and we aim to share their stories and experiences and use social media as another platform to make global good.

—Michael Rajzman, Associate Director of Digital Media, Free The Children