Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) is the leading radio network in the Philippines. With millions of listeners, MBC needed an efficient way for their small marketing team of five to connect with this large-scale audience across over 100 social media accounts.


Boost in positive sentiment around their brand


Growth in video views


Increase in engagement rate

Thanks to Hootsuite’s ability to manage accounts and analyze data, MBC’s Yes the Best radio station was able to run their highly successful Yes the Guest campaign. The station partnered with guest social media influencers to create dynamic content that resonated with their specific millennial demographic.

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Using Hootsuite, Manila Broadcasting Company was able to:

  • Boost positive sentiment around their brand by an average of 221 percent in two months
  • Increase their engagement rate by 19 percent
  • Grow video views by 172 percent 
  • Streamline their processes across 100+ social media accounts
  • Schedule their social content to save time and effort 
  • Focus on timely content creation when it matters
  • Establish powerful, results-driven CTAs 

There are constant surprises in the fast-paced broadcasting world. With Hootsuite, we’re able to make sure we get unique content out to our channels in the moment—without missing a beat.

Photo of Christian De La Cruz
Christian De La Cruz New Media Manager Manila Broadcasting Company