In October 2012, New Jersey was hit by Hurricane Sandy–downed trees and knocked-out power lines plunged neighborhoods into darkness and impassable roads trapped people in their homes–but Morris County’s Digital and Social Media Manager, Carol A. Spencer, was prepared with a social media-focused emergency response strategy to aid Morris County’s citizens.

  • Collaborated with 39 municipalities to disseminate and amplify up-to-date news
  • Monitored keywords and search terms to identify messages not directed to company profiles
  • Assigned incoming messages to ensure nothing was missed

Download the case study to learn more about how Hootsuite helps with crisis response efforts.

The key for us was to have a single stream that multiple people can post to from multiple towns. When you’re trying to coordinate that much information, it really helps to have all of your social media in one place, in one dashboard.

—Carol A. Spencer, Digital and Social Media Manager, Morris County