Sparkcentral is proud to be recognized as a representative vendor by the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner.

From this report we believe that the future of Digital Commerce is building a Digital Commerce Ecosystem. Developing strategies to drive differentiation in Customer Experience and optimising your Customer Satisfaction are critical to your business success.

7 must-haves for a Digital Customer Service Platform

1. Digital Engagement

Easily connect many digital channels

2. Conversation Orchestration

Seamless orchestration of customer dialogue across digital channels

3. Knowledge Mgt. Support

Access & management of relevant knowledge assets

4. Continuous Intelligence

Real-time analysis and advanced analytics enabling orchestration and personalisation

5. Automation of Engagement

Auto- & semi-automated conversations using AI to improve engagement

6. Agent Desktop

Efficient contact center agents standalone desktop

7. Integration Capabilities

Integration of various sources of data to provide context aware information to service agents

7 core functionalities that are available in our Sparkcentral platform.

Download the full report to learn what Gartner says about the future of digital customer service and Sparkcentral as a recognized vendor.