With 72,000 registrants and attendees at this year’s South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences and Festivals, wading through the massive volume of digital content is a huge undertaking. SXSW’s digital team used Hootsuite Enterprise and Nexalogy app integration to prepare for and support the festival in real time for event and crowd management, resource allocation, and emergency support.

Hootsuite Enterprise and Nexalogy app integration helped in many ways including:

  • Managing social data overload and surface important trends
  • Supporting event updates
  • Monitoring all relevant conversations from one control center
  • Engaging with customers in real time
  • Allocating security and resources on-the-ground where necessary

Download the case study to learn how social media can help major conferences like SXSW to manage huge volumes of social data and pull actionable insights.

“We love Hootsuite because it’s the only platform that doesn’t fail us when we need it—despite the massive volume of social messages that we sort through and monitor. Hootsuite supports whatever we need.”

—Melissa Golding, Digital Content Manager, SXSW