The Business Case for Employee Advocacy

You already know that employee advocacy can boost your brand.
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You already know that employee advocacy can boost your brand. After all, your employees have 10 times more social connections than your brand has social followers. And they don’t just have more reach, they also have more credibility: People say they trust their friends and family more than any other source of information about brands and products.

But did you know social advocacy can deliver a lot more value than just brand building? For instance, sales leads generated by employee advocacy are 7 times more likely to turn into deals. Job applications from employee referrals are 20 times more likely to turn into a new hire. And three-quarters of customers trust company executives who use social media more than executives who don’t.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How employee advocacy can build a powerful sales funnel
  • How employee advocacy helps you recruit (and retain) great employees
  • How employee advocacy can turn your executives into industry thought leaders

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