The Four Ways Hootsuite and Adobe Make You A Social Media Superhero

Discover how top brands use Hootsuite Enterprise and Adobe to drive real social success
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More than half the world’s population now uses social media. So it’s no surprise that social inspires more purchases than any other channel. Despite this, most organizations still aren’t sure if their social followers are any more valuable than customers they don’t engage with.

Marketers tell us they still need help creating engaging social content, improving their social advertising ROI, integrating social media with other marketing channels, and proving the impact of social marketing. So Hootsuite has partnered with Adobe to help you solve these problems and reach these goals.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The top challenges social marketers still face, and why
  • Strategies for overcoming these challenges and driving social success
  • How Hootsuite’s integration with Adobe can help

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