The New Customer Service Model

How Being Customer-Obsessed on Social Media Will Grow Your Brand

Woolworths. Zappos. Maybank Group. What do these brands have in common? They deliver exceptional customer service where their customers expect it: on social media. 

Whether your customers have complaints, questions—or even praise—67 percent of them now turn to social media for customer service. Companies that consistently deliver excellent customer service on social media see much bigger financial growth as a result. Those without a social customer service strategy lose on profit and brand visibility, not to mention miss out on valuable insights and social selling opportunities. 

As Forrester points out, it’s no longer enough to be customer-focused. In order to grow your company and differentiate yourself from other brands, you need to be customer-obsessed on social media.

In this ebook, we’ll look at how key departments in your organization can benefit from being customer-obsessed on social media—and we’ll give you actionable tips on how to start making changes.

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