Using social media to drive business results and create real efficiencies within an organization sounds like an accomplishment reserved only for socially mature organizations. But Grupo Expansión, a Mexico City-based media conglomerate, went from a loosely followed social media strategy to achieve not just social maturity, but social sophistication, inside of two years.

  • 10

    Hours saved per employee and campaign

  • 200%

    Revenue growth from social

  • 20%

    Lift in audience size

As the parent company to 16 top-tier publications in Latin America like Elle and InStyle, as well as 11 web media properties including Expansión en alianza con CNN, social media represented a great way to grow their audience, strengthen their relationship with existing ones, and even create new revenue streams.

The challenge

Grupo Expansión had more than 70 employees touching social media across several publications and departments within the organization, without clear roles and responsibilities. In addition to siloed structure that a multi-brand organization can create, it was also difficult to demonstrate the value of social media to management and advertising partners. They needed a solution that provided the structure required to work in lockstep as an organization, as well as the ability to drive—and measure—results.

The solution

Create a structured workflow

With a large number of employees across several brands and departments using social media, Grupo Expansión needed to build a foundation for social media success. They used Hootsuite to align teams across the entire organization and create a smarter workflow so that everyone from sales to creative services was able to work more efficiently.

The optimized workflow

1. Sales team sells a branded content campaign to an advertiser.
2. Creative team builds the campaign, then places assets in Hootsuite’s content library.
3. Social Media Editor uses Hootsuite to schedule the campaign to run at the optimal time.
4. Once campaign has run its course, Ad Operations uses Hootsuite Analytics to pull data on campaign performance.
5. Data is used to make smarter creative and strategic decisions, as well as demonstrate the value of social to prospective clients.

From building messaging and keeping assets organized to approvals and eventual publishing of content, Hootsuite made it possible to create and execute multiple campaigns for numerous clients, across several brands, simultaneously—all while demonstrating the inherent value of social.

Grupo Desk

Size up the competition

Using Hootsuite Impact, the social team at Grupo Expansión was able to look deeper into their competitors’ social metrics. Seeing the competition’s followers, likes, comments, and other important numbers up front and center allowed them to establish a realistic competitive benchmark, understand what success looks like in their industry, and unlock important insights that would inform their own social strategy.

Leverage data to create better content

Using Hootsuite Analytics, Grupo Expansión was able to explore their own social media metrics and uncover valuable insights about the growth of their own social presence. Measuring new followers, engagement rate, reach, and clicks told them what kind of content was resonating with their audience, making it easier to create even content. And analyzing month-to-month and year-over-year metrics painted a clear picture of their growing successes and remaining challenges in social media. Most importantly, they were able to use Hootsuite Impact to leverage this data and demonstrate the real-world dollar value of social media, arming their sales people with the information they need to build confidence with clients and close more deals.

Hootsuite Impact helps our team by easily turning data into specific insights and recommendations. Our digital team can make strategic decisions based on the deeper level of business intelligence Hootsuite Impact provides and we are seeing positive results

Photo of Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez especialista de Productos digitales de GEx Digital Grupo Expansión

The results

With a bit of planning—and widespread adoption of the Hootsuite enterprise platform—Grupo Expansión drove impressive revenue and audience growth numbers while uncovering meaningful efficiencies that have transformed how the organization manages social media.

Time saved: The flexible but powerful workflow and approval settings within Hootsuite allowed for more clearly defined roles and responsibilities, which Grupo Expansión estimates resulted in  10 hours saved per employee, per campaign.

Revenue growth: Improved efficiency allowed them to create and publish campaigns for clients that netted an impressive 200 percent growth in revenue from social—more growth than any other channel within the organization.

Efficient workflow: The Hootsuite platform made it easy to establish a smart and nimble workflow for every employee that uses social across the organization. Everyone from sales to creative were able to work in tandem to create content, publish it in a timely way, respond to customers, and even demonstrate value to clients.

Security: Given the high-profile titles they publish, brand security is extremely important to Grupo Expansión. Hootsuite’s approval function made it possible for more than 70 employees to work in social media without sharing passwords or the risk of accidentally (or maliciously) publishing content.

Audience growth: Grupo Expansión’s entire social presence experienced a 20 percent lift in audience size—more than any other channel, including the publications themselves.

Recognition: Repeated impressive results got the attention of senior management, who now include social media results as part of the organization’s overall key performance indicators.

In an increasingly social world, large organizations have begun to embrace social as more than just an awareness play or afterthought. Using Hootsuite, Grupo Expansión was able to quickly demonstrate to external clients and advertisers that social media can be a powerful way to increase reach and drive revenue—not to mention the major time- and money-saving efficiencies that played a big role in moving the revenue needle internally.

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