TikTok Vocabulary, Lingo, and Emoji Meanings

Don’t get caught using brain emojis for your business. Learn what words and terms really mean on TikTok.

Talk like a TikToker

  • Bestie

    A term of endearment. Can be applied to your actual best friend or strangers on the internet, as long as you legitimately care about them.

  • CEO

    Refers to someone who’s the best at what they do.

  • Cheugy

    Something that’s off-trend or dated. Pronounced chew-gee.

  • #FYP

    Stands for “for you page,” which refers to the main feed you see when you log in to the TikTok app. Users add this hashtag in the hopes of getting more views.

  • Heather

    From a Conan Gray song that became popular on TikTok. Refers to a girl who is attractive and well-liked, someone who others wish they could be.

  • Mutuals/Moots

    A user that you follow who also follows you back.

  • OOMF

    Stands for “one of my followers.” 

  • Periodt

    Used at the end of a sentence to add extra emphasis. Similar to saying “end of discussion.”

  • POV

    Stands for “point of view.” A popular in-video caption that tells the viewer whose perspective is being depicted in the video.

  • Ratio

    When your comment doesn’t go down well and receives more (usually negative) replies instead of likes.

  • Shifting

    Originated from Reddit and blew up on TikTok. The act of lying down and imagining your desired reality as a way to meditate and manifest your goals.

  • Valid

    Something that looks good, is really well made, or of exceptional standards.

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The secret meanings of emojis on TikTok

  • 🧠 Brain Emoji

    Refers to what’s traditionally been represented with the 👄+🍆/🐱—if you catch our drift. (Here’s an explanation, if you need it.)  

  • 🪑 Chair emoji

    A trend that started as an inside joke among followers of TikToker @blank.antho. Used as a replacement for 😂 and refers to something that’s really funny.

  • 🤡 Clown face emoji

    Used to indicate that something is stupid, foolish, or silly.

  • 💀 Skull emoji

    Figuratively conveys “I’m dead,” usually because of extreme laughter. Also used as a 😂 replacement.

  • 👉👈 Two index finger emojis pointing at each other

    Used to indicate you’re feeling shy.

  • 💛 Yellow heart emoji

    Indicates friendship.

  • ❤️ Red heart emoji

    Represents true love.

  • 💜 Purple heart emoji

    Signals physical attraction.

  • 💙 Blue heart emoji

    Expresses support, admiration, and excitement.

  • 💚 Green heart emoji

    Shows a love of nature.

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