Few things can drive business like advocacy. From customers to employees, advocacy creates more credibility and gets your message heard by a larger audience than traditional marketing channels. And we can show you how.

In this webinar we cover:

  • What advocacy is and why it’s important to your business
  • The difference between internal and external advocacy
  • How Hootsuite used advocacy to drive exponential growth
  • How to measure the success of your advocacy initiatives

This is a recording from our second virtual conference, Connect via Hootsuite. It provides a foundation for your strategy and a glimpse of what to expect at future events.

  • Photo of Stefan Krepiakevich

    Stefan Krepiakevich

    Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Hootsuite

    Stefan Krepiakevich was previously the VP of Business Development at Brightkit. He has a passion for helping businesses drive engagement and sales through innovative social marketing campaigns & initiatives.

  • Photo of Cameron Uganec

    Cameron Uganec

    Senior Director, Growth Marketing & Education, Hootsuite

    Cameron is the Senior Director, Growth at Hootsuite.  Today, he is focused on building a global brand through a storytelling approach, with social media and content at its core.  Cameron has over 15 years of digital media and marketing experience.