The secret to creating original content people read, share, and engage with is to be the show everyone tunes in for—not the advertisement they all ignore.

You want people to actively seek out your content, which means knowing your audience and telling them stories with heart.
Watch our webinar to learn how Hootsuite’s own Director of Content and Social Marketing, Cameron Uganec, approaches the challenge of crafting consistently engaging social messages that reach more of the right people. Cameron covers everything from topic discovery to performance analysis.

Creating & Measuring Content with Impact

In this webinar, you’ll learn insider tips, tricks, and tactics to help you create, amplify, and measure content, including how to:

  • Craft content that resonates with your audience and transforms your social channels from one-way broadcast tools into active communities
  • Tell authentic stories—and amplify your best content to reach new audiences
  • Spark conversation and generate interest within your social media community to bring your brand to life online

  • Photo of Cameron Uganec

    Cameron Uganec

    Senior Director, Growth Marketing & Education, Hootsuite

    Cameron is the Senior Director, Growth at Hootsuite.  Today, he is focused on building a global brand through a storytelling approach, with social media and content at its core.  Cameron has over 15 years of digital media and marketing experience.