The digital world has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. Learning, entertainment, communication—you name it. It’s also where purchase decisions can be satisfied by a click.

This may not be news to you. But it’s no longer just a technological change—it’s a cultural one. And something you and your organization can’t afford to ignore.

Digital transformation is about aligning your organization with customer behaviors, needs, and wants at every step of their purchasing journey.

In this 60-minute webinar you’ll discover:

  • What digital transformation is and what it means to your organization
  • How customer behavior has shifted and how your organization can adapt
  • Three current digital transformation trends that you need to embrace immediately

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  • Photo of Moshe Gordon

    Moshe Gordon

    Strategy Consultant, PA Consulting

    Moshe is a Key leader of PA Consulting’s team focused on social strategy. He is responsible for strategic framing of social in client assignments. He’s recognised by colleagues and clients for the ability to rethink, simplify and structure problems in line with value drivers for social media strategy.

  • Photo of Dr. Shaibal Roy

    Dr. Shaibal Roy

    Social Lead, PA Consulting

    Shaibal is PA Consulting’s primary leader for client work related to social. PA was an early adopter of social media analytics and is now best known in consulting for applying social to established corporate strategy and business models, by de-hyping and simplifying social.

  • Photo of Susan Perry

    Susan Perry

    Director, Global Marketing, Hootsuite

    Susan leads Hootsuite’s Global Marketing Team, working to bring solutions to market that will empower customers to drive business growth via social media. With many years in CPG marketing, Susan transitioned to tech, bringing her passion, drive and industry savviness to the innovative world of social media marketing.