How should healthcare brands be looking at social in 2020?

We took our fourth annual social media trends report and adapted it for our Healthcare clients. Join us and discover how the industry is approaching social in 2020.

Looking ahead, this year will bring a world where leading brands search for balance between private and public customer engagement, Gen Z TikTok their way to the top of the social status quo, and social marketers find themselves under pressure to adapt their skills in a performance-driven marketing landscape. What social media strategies will be worth your time and investment in 2020? Save your spot to explore five key trends, featuring practical recommendations, expert analysis of healthcare consumer behaviour, and a live Q&A that will position your organization for success next year and beyond.

What You'll Learn

  • Five trends that will change how healthcare brands use social in 2020
  • The new skills healthcare social marketers must build to make themselves indispensable
  • Advanced measurement methods from high performing healthcare organizations

  • Photo of Ashley Reid

    Ashley Reid

    Senior Business Value Analyst, Hootsuite

    Ashley researches and analyzes healthcare industry trends and works with Hootsuite’s healthcare prospects and clients to help them understand how social media aligns to their organizational objectives and elevate their social performance.

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  • Photo of Bryan Rusche

    Bryan Rusche

    Senior Account Executive at Hootsuite

    As a Senior Account Executive at Hootsuite, Bryan applies his 15+ years of marketing experience to help large global brands think through their digital and social marketing challenges and provide strategy and technology recommendations that will help them reach their objectives.