When you’re strategizing around social, it pays to think beyond the marketing department. Technology companies that implement scalable social strategies across their entire organization can gain a real edge.

Watch to discover how two of your tech industry peers win big at social. You’ll learn how to gain a competitive advantage through your social data, design enterprise social media programs, and a lot more.

The webinar features real-life use cases from technology organizations, and includes:

  • Key findings from our tech industry benchmarking report—covering hardware, software, wearable tech, and other segments
  • The eight essential elements of designing enterprise social media programs—including governance, onboarding, and collaboration
  • How leading tech firms use social data to monitor their market, gather competitive intelligence, and measure marketing success

  • Photo of Scott Templeman

    Scott Templeman

    Digital Marketing Specialist, MicroStrategy

    Scott Templeman is the Social Media subject matter expert for MicroStrategy, and manages Search and Social lead generation for the Digital Marketing team. Scott’s previous professional experience has ranged across a wide variety of business sizes and industries, from independent authors, to tennis court surface manufacturers, to international MMA tournaments, to large professional organizations. Outside of work Scott pursues a variety of hobbies such as studying Aikido, flag football, cooking, reading, & gardening. Scott lives in the DC area with his incredible wife Shalini and their affable German Shepherd pup Maddie.  

  • Photo of Andrew Spoeth

    Andrew Spoeth

    Head of Social Media Marketing, CA Technologies

    Andrew Spoeth's current focus is building the social media team at CA Technologies, with the goal of generating buzz, strengthening relationships, and driving measurable business results for the company. Through his direction, the company is taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the real-time connectedness of social networks to expand its online presence.

  • Photo of Jeanette Gibson

    Jeanette Gibson

    VP, Community and Customer Experience, Hootsuite

    Passionate about social media, technology and building and activating online communities, Jeanette brings 20 years of digital marketing and communications experience in the technology sector to Hootsuite.  In her role as VP of Community at Hootsuite, Jeanette is responsible for managing Hootsuite’s vibrant community of 8M users globally through online engagement, advocacy and community events.  Previously, Jeanette served as global head of social media and digital marketing at Cisco.  Jeanette is an early adopter in social media and built Cisco’s social presence in 2005, achieving recognition as #1 B2B company on Twitter and 280% ROI using social listening to accelerate sales.  Prior to joining Cisco in 1998, Jeanette worked for a start-up and several high-tech PR agencies, providing a birds eye view into the rapid growth of the Internet industry and the emergence of the dot-com era.  Jeanette has a Bachelor in Communications from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Jeanette enjoys public speaking and is a frequent speaker on social media and business transformation.  She lives in San Jose, CA with her husband and two sons.