SEC’s Chief Counsel Owen Donley III will discuss how financial professionals can use social media to educate and protect current customers and clients. You’ll also learn how to build a stronger, more trusted brand by promoting useful educational content.  

Watch this webinar and discover:

  • How investors are using social and digital tech to make decisions.
  • The landscape of investing and social media, including risk of retail-facing fraud.
  • Useable compliant content that both educates investors and builds brands.

  • Photo of Owen Donley III

    Owen Donley III

    Chief Counsel, Office of Investor Education and Advocacy at United States Securities and Exchange Commission

    Owen serves as Chief Counsel of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, where he manages a team of subject matter experts in providing public-facing content for investors on a broad variety of issues arising under the federal securities laws. 
    Owen speaks regularly on issues related to investor education and communication, investment fraud, the protection of older investors, and the federal securities laws. He manages the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy's Twitter handle, @SEC_Investor_Ed.

  • Photo of Amy McIlwain

    Amy McIlwain

    Global Industry Principal, Hootsuite

    Amy is a Hootsuite Global Industry Principal, financial services social media speaker, best-selling author, and compliance expert.