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Save Hours Responding to Customer Messages on Social
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Save Hours Responding to Customer Messages on Social

An Enterprise Exclusive Webinar


17 May 2023

Social media is the front door to your organization. But with droves of customers knocking all at once, how do you manage traffic and guarantee that no one’s left behind? With Inbox 2.0 of course! 

We’re releasing a new and improved version of Hootsuite Inbox and customers like you get upgraded at no extra cost. 

What’s new in Inbox 2.0? More time-saving features so you can stay on top of things and keep YOUR customers happy. Inbox 2.0 bridges the gap between social media managers and customer service

From advanced filtering and skills-based routing, to customizable CSAT surveys, SLA notifications, and so much more—you’ll get an in-depth look at the new way your organization can accomplish customer service goals on social.

Get ready for the future of social media customer service. PSA: It’s going to be bright.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a more efficient social customer service workflow so you miss less tickets and save more time
  • Why cross-functional collaboration is essential for delivering fast and accurate responses—plus how to do it seamlessly
  • Who can benefit from a comprehensive customer messaging platform within your company (hint: it’s not just the customer service team)
  • Which tools and features are the best for achieving specific goals when engaging with your audience on social
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Stuart James
Senior Customer Success Manager,

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