9 Things You Can Do with Hootsuite to Save Time and Money

You already know how Hootsuite makes social media easier with post scheduling, listening/monitoring tools, content curation, analytics, and more.

But there are some lesser-known features on our enterprise platform that can save you even more time and money. These tools steamline more complex social media workflows, helping you to…

  • fight the decline of organic reach
  • get the most out of your social media budget
  • prove and improve social ROI
  • build relationships with customers and prospects

...all from one simple dashboard!

Read on to learn about 9 of our favourite features for making your job easier. Your calendar and your budget will both thank you.

1. Engage your audience and respond to all comments and mentions—on every network—from a single inbox

Engage 1

Engaging authentically with your social media followers is a no-brainer. But doing it at scale? That requires a lot of brains. 

Hootsuite Inbox allows your team to efficiently manage your brand’s conversations with your followers. It saves time in two ways: 

  1. Every platform’s public and private messages are located in one inbox.
  2. Your brand’s interaction history with every user is clickable, so you can immediately pick up where you left off.

You can also assign messages⁠—manually, or automatically using tags or keywords⁠—to the best person on your team to reply. 

Respond publicly or message people privately. Because even the biggest audience is made up of meaningful individual relationships.

2. Get notified about things that matter to you, forget about the rest

Get Notified

The Hootsuite Insights dashboard finds and collects every relevant conversation for your brand, so you can pick and choose what needs your ear, and what needs action. 

This tool goes beyond social media. It monitors news sites, blogs, and other public fora. 

Insights automatically measures sentiment and audience demographics, so that you can listen deeply and respond quickly. It immediately notifies you of any spikes in activity, so you know if a competitor’s post has hit it big, or a customer complaint has gone viral.  

For an even wider view, set up real-time search streams for relevant conversations using keywords, locations, or users. Keep an eye on competitors and influencers, or zero in on industry events and hot topics. 

You can create as many streams as you want, which means your finger is on every pulse that matters, but none of the ones that don’t.

3. Publish faster and easier with the content library

  • There are a lot of questions to ask of your content before you hit post. Questions like:

    • Do we have the rights to this image? 
    • Where else have we used this video clip? 
    • Is this the most up-to-date version of the infographic? 
    • Has the CFO signed off on this shot of her crushing the staff pie-eating contest?

    Hootsuite’s content library takes care of all of that.

  • You can also save time by building pre-approved post templates for each platform. And streamline your workflows by creating different access limits for individual users, so that your customer support specialists aren’t wading through your marketing team’s visuals.

    Spot a blank space on your calendar? Select one of thousands of images from our royalty-free media library.

    Your best content is just clicks away.

4. Never let an off-brand post slip through the cracks with user permissions

  • An incorrect, slapdash, or off-brand post can be a mild embarrassment—or a PR crisis. 

    The first, best step to minimizing risk is implementing a seamless vetting process that catches mistakes before they see the light of day. 

    That’s where Hootsuite’s customizable permission and approval features come in. 

    Make quick work of the dozens of posts and comments that are published across all your platforms every day. 

  • For instance: an editor greenlights the copy, link, and brand voice. Then the post goes to the legal team for approval. And then it gets published. A history of edits and feedback is baked in, to keep your internal dialogue clear. 

    Everyone from the newest hire to the CEO will sleep better knowing that your brand voice is calm, clear, and in control.

5. Manage more posts in less time using campaign tools

  • Your social media goals this quarter are ambitious. Whether you’re after top-of-funnel awareness, or pre-orders for your new product—you’re building out focused, measurable, cross-platform campaigns to support each goal. 

    In other words, you have a lot of posts on your hands.

    Hootsuite’s campaign tools allow you to manage longer-term initiatives as easily as everyday tasks.

  • Identify gaps in each campaign’s calendar to keep content flowing. Tag and analyze post performance individually, or as part of the wider effort. And track your effectiveness across channels by using custom UTM parameters and link shorteners.

6. Use analytics to make your customer support faster and cheaper


The bigger your brand gets, the tougher it is to stay on top of customer support on social. Response times lag and valuable feedback gets shelved or lost.

Hootsuite Analytics has specific functionality designed to help you understand where your engagement and customer support efforts are excelling, and where they need work. 

You can build customized, real-time reports using automated tags that identify the different types of feedback you’re getting from your audience. We also have team metrics to measure work volume and resolution speed, so you can catch and correct bottlenecks before they blow up.

7. Save money on ads by automatically reallocating budget to top-performing content

Save Money

The Hootsuite Ads tool combines your Facebook, Instagram, and Google search ads⁠. You can automate your creation and testing process to create dozens of ad variations at once, and publish them at scale. 

And instead of babysitting your budget to avoid paying for under-performing ads, you can set up automatic rules. Your budget goes to your most effective ads, no matter what platform they’re on.

Meanwhile, go hands-free with Hootsuite Boost’s automated triggers. It monitors your organic Facebook content and automatically promotes your most successful posts as paid ads. 

For more complicated ad campaigns, our in-house experts are on hand to answer tactical questions. They’ll even audit your monthly activity for improvements.

8. Extend your social reach by empowering your employees to advocate for you


The Edelman Trust Barometer reports that, at a time when skepticism is at record highs, the general public is more likely to trust an average employee’s voice than that of a CEO, influencer, or celebrity. 

Hootsuite Amplify taps your employee advocates to spread your message further than your official channels can reach on their own. 

Employees benefit, too. Amplify makes it easy for them to stay informed via the content your brand shares. And when they share it, they’re increasing their own professional visibility. 

The result? A virtuous circle of trust and mutual pride.

Check out our Amplify toolkit to get inspired by real-world results from leading brands.

9. Calculate how much social media is worth to your business 


44% of marketers say they have trouble proving their social media ROI. Whether your KPIs are targeting lead generation, revenue growth, or lifts in awareness, you can ignore the sugary vanity metrics and get straight to the meat (or the kale salad.)

Hootsuite Impact is our enterprise analytics tool for both paid and organic social media. Its job is to clearly link your actions to your overall results.  

Because Impact is integrated with Adobe Analytics, you can look at granular data: for instance, how many people looked at your website because of your new Facebook ad? 

But you also get a panoramic view of how your integrated, cross-platform campaigns are feeding your sales funnel as a whole.