The financial services industry (FSI) is in an era of unprecedented disruption. Suffering from a loss of customer trust since the global financial crisis, business models are changing and so too is the role of executives within the industry.

In association with LinkedIn, Hootsuite has examined the value and impact of executive social media activity across Australia’s financial enterprises.

This exclusive report covers the impact of the disruption seen across the industry and showcases the opportunities that executives have to lead, engage, and empower their employees.

Download the report and you’ll discover some impressive stats. For example:

  • 42% of the social media performance of staff can be attributed to the social media activities of executives
  • Executives that are active on social receive 6.54 times higher engagement than their peers
  • Organisations that embrace social are 51% more likely to reach their quota, while 78% of social sellers out perform their peers who aren’t on social media

To learn more about how executives can gain the upper hand in the Australian financial services industry using social media, simply fill in the form on the right side of this page and you’ll get instant access to the report.