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Benefits of Hootsuite: The no. 1 social media management tool

The advantages of using Hootsuite are clear: Save time, grow fast, and get real results on social media.

Why choose Hootsuite?

Our suite of social media tools is built to help you save you time, grow your following, and drive results on social media. It just might help you find inner peace, too.

Your life without Hootsuite 🙁 💸 😵‍

  • You’re not sure if your efforts are paying off or where to focus your energy

  • You waste hours brainstorming, writing, and designing content for social media

  • You post content at the wrong time, resulting in low engagement and reach

  • You miss out on high-value leads and leave potential revenue on read

Your life with Hootsuite 🙂 📈 🧘

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    See your social media ROI, determine what’s working and what’s not, and let the data make decisions for you 

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    Fill your content calendar with attractive, on-brand posts for all your social media channels in minutes

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    Boost reach by 3X, catapult engagement, grow followers, and give every post a little sprinkle of viral magic 

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    Make valuable connections and save time with a universal social media inbox with automations built in

Hootsuite benefits: Less stress, more money, and fast growth

With tools that save you time and reduce stress, Hootsuite is a key part of your social media self-care strategy. Put your social media on autopilot and enter a state of calm — all while boosting performance.

Save 130+ hours per year

Pros report saving 130 hours per year with Hootsuite thanks to automation, multi-platform publishing, a universal inbox, and more.

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Do it all in one place

Bring all your social media tools to one tab. Schedule and post, handle messages, and track performance — all in one place.

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Never miss a thing

Monitor what people are saying about your brand, respond to public comments and private messages, and keep an eye on trends.

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Automation designed just for social pros

Let Hootsuite do the heavy thinking for you. Automate replies, generate social media captions in seconds, and let AI come up with content ideas and hashtags for you. 

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Content creation tools you won’t find anywhere else

Cut your work week in half with the industry’s best content creation tools. Do it fast with built-in Canva templates, an AI caption writer, and streams to discover the best content to share. 

All your social media management in one tab

Hootsuite was the world’s first social media management platform, and we’ve been helping brands grow online for over 15 years. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the top Hootsuite advantages. 

Get more free time by posting across all channels with a single click. Bulk schedule up to 350 posts at once and manage paid ads and organic content side by side.

Respond to private messages and public comments from a single inbox. Automate conversations, cut response times in half, and never ghost potential customers.

Boost engagement with reports that tell you when to post, what’s working, and what to improve. Compare performance against competitors and track hundreds of metrics.

Set up Streams to monitor keywords, hashtags, and mentions and stay on top of what people are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your industry.

See why Hootsuite beats the competition every time

Is Hootsuite better than everybody else? Not to brag, but yes. And by a landslide. Visit our comparison pages to get a feature-by-feature breakdown.

See for yourself why Hootsuite is the no. 1 tool for social media management

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