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The world’s 1st social media management platform

Hootsuite started in 2008 when our founder’s digital marketing agency needed a tool to manage social media. We couldn’t find what we needed—so we built it ourselves. We crowd-sourced a name (Hootsuite!), duct-taped it to the front door, and hit 100,000 users by that summer. We haven’t looked back since.

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Still the biggest name in the business

Fast forward 15 years and we’re still an undisputed leader in social media management. We serve hundreds of thousands of customers, from small businesses to the largest in the world (including 6,000+ enterprise customers). We have employees spanning Montreal to Milan to Mexico City and beyond. We’ve flexed our integrations as social networks have come and gone. Made strategic acquisitions to adapt to the needs of our customers and help organizations unlock the value of their social media relationships. And we’re trusted by some of the largest brands, universities, financial institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organizations worldwide.

  • 200K+
  • 6K+
    enterprise customers
  • 15+
    years of excellence

Consistently earns top honors from customers ★★★★★

Inclusion is the heart of what we do

We’re building a diverse, inclusive, results-oriented culture, one that encourages people to be who they are and creates an environment where all employees have the opportunity to excel.

To guide us in all we do, we live by six guiding principles.

Step Up

Show the world what it looks like to live and work by these guiding principles.

One Team

Make Hootsuite a place where we all feel safe, welcomed, valued, and empowered to do our best work together without compromising who we are.

Customer Obsessed

Focus relentlessly on helping our customers succeed.

Go Fast, Be Agile

Widen our competitive advantage by committing to speed and simplicity over perfection and complexity.

Play to Win

Commit to building an incredible, profitable company for our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders.

Neighbors and Allies

Give back to our communities and be an ally.

In 2008, social had just started to change everything and companies were trying to make sense of its impact. We prototyped a tool to manage multiple networks from one dashboard and while the idea was simple, it caught on—fast. 15 years later, Hootsuite now has customers in 200+ countries and offices worldwide.
Ryan Holmes

Concrete actions lead to concrete results

Our leadership

Solid execution starts with brilliant vision. Meet the fearless executive team and board of directors at the helm of Hootsuite.

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Our DEI commitment

We strive to make everyone feel welcomed, valued, and empowered to do their best work without compromising who they are.

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Our social impact

We strive to positively impacting our employees, customers, neighborhoods, communities, and our environment.

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