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  • Hootsuite
    September 29, 2022

    Heyday by Hootsuite Launches Integrations for Instagram Direct Messages and Messenger for Shopify Merchants Worldwide

    New integrations give Shopify merchants the power to sell more products and offer customers immediate support across the most frequented social media networks MONTREAL, QC — September 29, 2022 — Heyday by Hootsuite, the leading conversational AI platform, is proud to announce it has integrated Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger within its powerful ecommerce Shopify chatbot app, creating new opportunities for merchants to connect with their customers.  Social media has evolved as a key driver for ecommerce, with three quarters (75 percent) of Internet users ages 16-64 using social networks to find brands, services or products, according to the July update of Hootsuite’s Digital 2022 statshot. And in today’s digital-first climate, consumers are demanding more from the businesses they interact with online – seeking to directly engage with brands and receive real-time customer service via social messaging.  This integration will help take merchants’ business to the next level by providing access to powerful conversational AI features across Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger, ensuring chats are operating 24/7 year-round, to both sell products and answer FAQs in real-time, any time of day.  “Businesses are under pressure to deliver exceptional experiences that meet consumers’ demands for real-time, authentic communication,” said Steve Desjarlais, co-founder and VP of Conversational AI at Heyday by Hootsuite. “Today’s announcement enables businesses to bridge this gap by meeting customers where they are at: Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This will be a game-changer in helping brands build stronger relationships with their customers, by leveraging automation in a cost-effective way. “Shopify research has shown that customers are close to 70 percent more likely to make a purchase from a business that responds to their chat inquiry within a few minutes,” said Ellen Dunne, Senior Product Lead for Messaging at Shopify. “This immediacy, combined with having insight-driven conversations with customers, have proven to be key drivers of more ecommerce conversions for Shopify merchants. We know that customers who initiate a chat are extremely high-intent, and merchants can capitalize on that to make the first sale and start building a lasting customer relationship.”  As more Shopify merchants scramble to compete for the attention of digital-first buyers, offering immediate and personalized experiences on the social media channels they frequent is critical to staying competitive. The chat app, originally launched in November 2020, also integrates with web chat and email – centralizing every single direct message in one unified inbox.  The use of automation to guide customers towards their first purchase has had a favorable impact on ecommerce sales for Heyday customers, such as Montreal-based Rose Buddha. After implementing Heyday for Shopify in 2021, the company has seen a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating amongst their consumers while shopping online.   “Having Heyday integrate with Instagram and Facebook Messenger means that we can gain a full picture of all our customer questions that need answering,” says Jennifer Pellettier, Director of Operations at Rose Buddha. “It means providing a better service to our customer, and it will be a great add-on for our business.” To download the app, merchants can visit the shopify app store. Heyday is currently offering a free 14 day trial for all Shopify merchants. Go to to learn more. 
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  • Hootsuite
    August 17, 2022

    Hootsuite Wins Best Overall Social Media Management Platform in 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards

    VANCOUVER, BC— August 17, 2022 — Today, Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, is proud to announce it has been awarded ‘Best Overall Social Media Management Platform’ at the fifth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards. This year, the MarTech Breakthrough Awards evaluated over 2,950 nominations and recognized the world’s most innovative products, solutions and services in the global field of marketing, advertising and sales technology.  “Being recognized as the leading social media management platform at the 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards is an incredible accomplishment felt across the organization," said Natalia Williams, Chief Product Officer at Hootsuite. “Keeping up with the lightning speed pace of social has been inherent to Hootsuite’s DNA since we started 14 years ago. This recognition is a testament to our innovation in the space, and our continued ability to adapt and evolve our product to best reflect the social landscape and the needs of our customers – from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises, and every creator in between. We’re thrilled to receive this honor and to be featured alongside our talented peers.” As reported in the July update of Hootsuite’s Digital 2022 report, 75 percent of Internet users aged 16-64 use social media to research brands and products. Given this new digital reality, scaling a business and reaching users effectively through social platforms has become a key component to growth — and also a challenge for social marketers. As the world’s first social media management platform, Hootsuite helps organizations to bridge this gap by arming brands with the right tools, insights and guidance to maintain a pulse on ever-evolving digital trends and the complex world of social. The Hootsuite platform has evolved beyond its publishing and scheduling capabilities, helping organizations to connect with their customers more efficiently across multiple platforms, as well as improving the customer experience through enhanced analytics and consumer insights. Through new integrations, acquisitions and a refreshed brand identity, customers can benefit from a suite of tools that span all areas of a business’ growth, including social marketing, social commerce, social customer care and employee advocacy. 
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  • Hootsuite
    July 12, 2022

    Hootsuite Breaks Free From the Sea of Sameness with Bold Vision for Social and New Brand System

    Hootsuite continues to lead the way to social excellence and fearlessness for its customers  VANCOUVER, BC— July 12, 2022 — Hootsuite created the social media management space in 2008, and today cast the new way to ‘be social’ with the launch of its rebrand. Hootsuite created a category and over the last 14 years has led its customers through the evolution of this dynamic and ever-changing space that is social media—one of the world’s most adopted channels with over 4.6 billion social media users around the globe. As the pioneer, the company has always strived to be at the forefront of social innovation, so is once again asserting its deep knowledge of all things social media through its new approach. The rebrand being launched today is a signal to encourage other brands to stand out and join the social conversation authentically, while providing the necessary guidance on how to do that.   “What we know is that social rewards bravery and creative courage,” said Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer, Hootsuite. “We recognize that tackling the wild world of social can be intimidating, but that’s where we come in—with the education and expertise that comes from being the first and best mover in the space. Together with our customers, we will champion the power of social for good, uplift people, and ignite our customers’ brands and businesses.” To personify the ethos of the new identity and foster engagement with the Hootsuite brand, the company has appointed its beloved icon, Owly, as Chief Connection Officer. Owly will now play a larger role as the friendly, approachable, and expressive guide for brands who are leveraging social.  “We have always been at the forefront of social,” said Tom Keiser, Chief Executive Officer, Hootsuite. “From the time we established this space, our brand has been driven by our customers’ ambitions and aspirations, and for the tools they need to drive their businesses forward. We take our responsibility as advisors and visionaries seriously. After nearly 14 years defining the industry, it was time to rethink our integrated branding strategy to better reflect our position and our direction as the social experts, trusted partners, and joyful mentors. We’re showing the world that Hootsuite doesn’t just ‘get’ social…we are social.” To ensure the rebrand effectively connected with, and reflected, its people, Hootsuite built its rebrand activation in-house, leveraging the expertise of its creative, social and functional teams. The company also collected and incorporated thoughtful feedback from its customers and a diverse array of stakeholders, ensuring the new approach signified the humanity and connection that makes up social.  Hootsuite has delivered over a million social media courses to date through Hootsuite Academy, equipping people to make the most of social, and are poised to meet and support millions more going forward. 
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  • Hootsuite
    May 26, 2022

    Hootsuite Announces Integration with TikTok, Empowering Customers To Be Fearless Through Video

    Hootsuite to support customers through new integration via the launch of a full suite of educational resources Vancouver, BC – May 26, 2022 —Today, Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, is proud to announce it has joined the Content Marketing speciality within TikTok's Marketing Partner Program, an initiative that makes it easier for marketers to scale their content on TikTok. As an official badged partner, Hootsuite has launched an integration that enables its customers to effectively manage, execute and optimize their TikTok content alongside their other platforms, from one integrated tool. “It’s safe to say that this partnership with TikTok has been much anticipated—as much for Hootsuite as for our customers.” said Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer, Hootsuite. “We’ve watched as video content has grown into a powerful tool that successful brands use to socialize with the world, and have identified the pain points our customers face in creating this type of content.I am beyond thrilled that Hootsuite can now play a more direct role in helping businesses become fearless on this unique, rapidly evolving digital platform.” To empower businesses to explore the vast potential of this immersive platform and ease the transition for marketers looking to scale content creation, Hootsuite will be guiding its customers through this integration, one step at a time. Hootsuite will be helping its customers become creatively courageous on TikTok by launching a full suite of educational resources including: Culture guide: helping brands to navigate the platform by decoding its ever-evolving trends and key aspects of the tool, such as sound, aesthetics, types of videos and slang.  Newsletter: highlighting new trends to keep an eye on, providing tips and tricks for engaging with audiences, and spotlighting inspirational content from which to glean key learnings.  Workshops and webinars: hosted across global regions to walk customers through video content development and provide region-specific tips on increasing engagement.  Blog content series: going back to the basics by demonstrating the value of TikTok in growing business and building a stronger relationship with customers, as well as providing concrete tips on growing TikTok following, creating ads, and more.  "At TikTok, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for brands to develop great content that resonates with their communities,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. “We are excited to welcome our new content marketing partners into the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, and to be collaborating with some of the most trusted partners in the industry. These partners will provide marketers with simple, effective tools to help them to regularly publish content, gain valuable performance insight, and meaningfully engage with their communities." A survey conducted with Hootsuite customers revealed that around 38.5 per cent are active users of TikTok as a part of their company’s social media strategy and 63 per cent of customers intend to start using the platform in 2022. By way of the new integration capabilities, customers will now have the ability to elevate their content sharing experience on TikTok, and feel empowered to take the leap with Hootsuite as a trusted partner. The new capabilities will enable customers to: Manage: Schedule and publish content to TikTok within the Hootsuite platform, increasing efficiency by managing content creation across all social networks in one place.  Engage: Moderate and engage with comments in real-time, delivering impactful customer experiences that build stronger relationships with their audience.  Understand: Gain insights on post performance and user engagement to gain a deep understanding of audience motivations, informing future content and campaign development. TikTok is an immersive, digital platform that enables users to express creativity through self-expression, connect with diverse communities, and build authentic relationships through the power of video content. TikTok is influencing the shift in content trends at lightning speed, and launching this integration will help brands navigate this powerful shift while giving Hootsuite customers the support they need to either successfully scale their current TikTok accounts, or easily begin using the entertainment platform. For more information on how Hootsuite is helping customers be  fearless on TikTok, visit
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  • Hootsuite
    May 24, 2022

    Hootsuite Amplify Integration with Microsoft Teams Enhances Sharing Capabilities for Users

    Release of new features will help users personalize, schedule and share content through Microsoft Teams Vancouver, BC – May 24, 2022 — Today, Hootsuite announced that it has upgraded the content sharing capabilities within Amplify by Hootsuite for Microsoft Teams.  By way of this enhanced content experience, new features and functionalities have been built into the integrated ecosystem within Teams. As licensed Teams users, employees now have the ability to personalize, schedule and share content to their social channels through the Amplify by Hootsuite app in Teams. Personalize: To add authenticity and personal flair to the shared content, users can personalize their posts to include mentions, emojis, shortened links, and more.  Schedule: Users can save time by creating numerous posts at once and scheduling them to become available to their network. Share: For increased collaboration, users can share the posts they like with their colleagues directly through Teams.  “Empowering employees to help build your brand’s social influence is an incredible way to engage your most valued asset—your people—while also extending your company’s social and overall reach,” said Natalia Williams, Chief Product Officer, Hootsuite. “We’re excited to partner with Microsoft Teams and create a more seamless experience for our customers.” In 2021, Hootsuite unveiled its integration into Teams, which has enabled brands to extend their reach through social influence, transform employees into engaged advocates, and reduce risk by providing shareable messaging that is accurate, clear and on-brand. Through Amplify by Hootsuite, brands are uniquely positioned to simultaneously increase their online visibility and leverage employee advocacy across the organization.  “Hootsuite’s rich integration with Microsoft Teams will give employee advocates a powerful way to realize the potential of their social footprint while staying in the flow of work,” said Niranjan Deo, Sr. Director Teams & Platform, Microsoft. To access the upgraded Amplify by Hootsuite for Microsoft Teams, existing Amplify licensed Teams users will receive an alert to initiate a software update which will enable the new features. New users can download the updated version of the application and will automatically have access to all of its enhanced features.   
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  • Hootsuite
    May 16, 2022

    Hootsuite Partners with BYP Network to Enhance Mentorship and Career Opportunities for Black Professionals

    Through the launch of a mentorship program, Hootsuite employees will shed light on their lived and sector experience to support BYP Network members’ career development Vancouver, BC - May 16, 2022 - Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, is proud to announce a new partnership with BYP Network, a platform connecting the Black professional community with corporations to enhance networking, create career opportunities and improve Black visibility globally.  With more than 150,000 members across five continents, BYP Network has made significant headway in changing the Black narrative and creating a future where Black professionals can see themselves represented across all industries. Through this partnership, Hootsuite will have access to post positions to BYP Network’s job board, contribute content for the BYP blog, and have an employer profile page that highlights its company culture and values, recruitment and hiring process, professional development opportunities and progress in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.  Hootsuite is also launching a mentorship program as part of this initiative, through which 10 employees will support and empower members of BYP Network through upskilling and career development over a six-month period. Of those participating as mentors, eight employees identify as part of the Black community and two will support as allies.  “The work that BYP Network is doing to empower Black professionals and elevate Black talent across industries is incredible, and long overdue,” said Omarie Allen, Manager IT Help Desk in EMEA,Hootsuite. “While awareness of the challenges preventing Black talent from securing employment has certainly improved, there is still a long road ahead in breaking down these barriers. I’m thrilled that members of our Black Employee Resource Group have the opportunity to participate in this mentorship program and look forward to the positive contributions this program will bring in changing the Black narrative in the tech sector.” “Diversifying acquisition pipelines and driving positive change that amplifies Black talent would not be possible without corporate partners who share our commitment to making a difference,” said Meera Raikundalia, Co-founder and Head of Partnerships, BYP Network. “Hootsuite’s commitment to its people and progress in creating an environment that both welcomes and empowers diverse talent is inspiring. We’re proud to bring Hootsuite onboard to further our mission.”
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