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Free social media tools to help you grow online

Managing and growing your brand online is a hard job. Hootsuite's free
tools for creators and social media pros save you time and make your job
a little easier. Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often.

Social media caption generators

Scroll-stopping social media captions are just a quick click away.

Caption generator

Short on time? Use AI to get help writing captions for six different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Instagram caption generator

Generate Instagram captions in seconds with this AI-powered Instagram caption writer.

Tweet generator

This AI-powered tweet generator can help you come up with viral-worthy tweets to keep your feed exciting.

LinkedIn post generator

This AI caption writer is the key to helping you become the next big LinkedIn-fluencer or thought leader.

Facebook post caption generator

Fill your content calendar fast with this AI-powered Facebook post generator. Get creative and write your content in half the time.

Instagram Threads generator

Viral Threads posts are just a few clicks away. Use this free post generator to start your Threads channel off right.


YouTube video description generator

Get more eyes on your videos and Shorts with this YouTube video description generator.


YouTube title generator

Post YouTube titles that'll make users want to slow their scroll with this handy dandy video description generator.


Social media SEO tool

Wanna make your content easier to discover on social media? Use this tool to give your captions a search-friendly upgrade.

Instagram SEO tool

Help Instagram users discover your content with this tool. Simply describe your post and it'll optimize the caption for search.

TikTok icon

TikTok SEO tool

Attract attention on TikTok with keyword-rich captions tailored for search results. This tool will take care of it for you.

Social media hashtag generators

Become a hashtag superhero without even breaking a sweat.

Hashtag generator

Turbocharge your social media posts with this free social media hashtag generator for multiple networks.

Instagram hashtag generator

Give your feed posts, Reels, and Stories a dash of viral magic with this Instagram hashtag generator.

TikTok hashtag generator

Get more views on the ForYouPage and beyond with this TikTok hashtag generator that’s perfect for brands and creators.

Free social listening tools

See what people are saying about your brand or industry, set up alerts to monitor mentions, and create next-level search booleans (coming soon!) — all for free.

Social media listening search image

Social listening search

Monitor brand mentions and hashtags with this free social media search tool. Discover trending topics, find influencers, and hop on hot topics.

Social media listening alerts icon

Social listening alerts

Never miss a single mention of your brand, products, or keywords. It's all delivered right to your inbox — completely free.

Boolean generator

Get expert, tailored-to-marketers boolean search terms with Hootsuite’s free boolean search generator.

Sentiment analyzer

Learn how customers feel about your brand or a specific topic with this free brand sentiment analysis tool.

Social media username generators

Generate usernames that make people want to smash that follow button.

Username generator

Invent (or reinvent) your online persona with this AI-powered handle generator for social media networks, forums, gaming sites, and more.

Instagram username generator

Get a list of Instagram name ideas in a few seconds flat. It's the perfect tool for businesses or individuals looking to nail it on Insta.

TikTok username generator

Boost your chances of going viral on TikTok with a shiny new username. Generate a list of TikTok usernames in seconds with this tool.

YouTube username generator

Make your channel stand out with a memorable YouTube username. Have this tool whip up a list of options in an instant.

Social media bio generators

A new bio can make you feel like a whole new person.

Social media bio generator

Create a scroll-stopping bio on any social media network with this handy bio creator for 15+ networks.

Instagram bio generator

Give your Instagram profile a refresh with this quick Instagram bio generator. It works for business and personal accounts.


YouTube channel description generator

Get more views, likes, and subscribers with this quick and easy YouTube channel description generator.

Social media analytics tools

Adios, guessing game. These tools will help you figure out how you're really performing online.

Social media ROI calculator

Want to see how much value you're getting out of every post on social? Try this free ROI calculator.

Engagement rate calculator

Determine your social media return on investment (ROI), enhance your media kit, and figure out which posts work and which need work.

Instagram engagement rate calculator

Quickly assess how well a feed post, Story, or Reel is performing with this Instagram engagement rate calculator.

Twitter score calculator

Want to see how you’re performing on Twitter? Try our engagement score tool to see how you stack up now.

Other free tools

These are the tools that don’t belong in any other category (the silent killers, if you will).

Social media manager salary calculator

See how your pay stacks up with this quick calculator. Simply plug in your salary and boom! Instant negotiating power.

Emoji translator

Translate text to emoji and emoji to text (including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German) with this free emoji translator.

Blog ideas generator

Meet your new blog brainstorming buddy. It'll help you come up with tons of genius blog post topics fast.

Content ideas generator

Fill your content calendar without breaking a sweat with this content ideas generator. Get ideas for social media posts, blog posts, videos, and more.

Business name generator

Instantly create memorable, catchy, money-making business name ideas with this free AI-powered business name generator.

Twitter score calculator

Want to see how you’re performing on Twitter? Try our engagement score tool to see how you stack up now.


Social media maturity assessment

How good is your social media strategy? This five-minute quiz will rank you on the social media maturity scale and give you tailored tips on how to improve.

Employee advocacy calculator

If you’re considering whether employee advocacy is a worthwhile investment, use this calculator to see how far it can take your brand.

Social media dictionary

Define industry terms and lingo, from “organic reach” to “millennial pause.” Because even the pros occasionally miss the latest buzzwords.

Social media updates

Social media networks are constantly rolling out new features. Make sure to stay on top of them with these social media network updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hootsuite’s free tools are a collection of handy-dandy time-savers that will make your life easier and help you get better results on social media. From AI content generators to engagement rate calculators, they’re the back-pocket hacks that’ll help you shine online with less effort.

Here you’ll find free AI tools that will take one of the most laborious tasks off your plate — writing. They can generate social media captions and hashtags, come up with post ideas, and even write your social media bios for you. It’s like an extra set of helping hands for crafting, planning, and optimizing your posts so they go further on social.

We’re always rolling out free social media management tools, so make sure to bookmark this page (or keep it open in your browser tab for the rest of time — we won’t judge).

Unfortunately, we can only give you a sneak peek of Hootsuite’s full tool capabilities on this page. To unveil the real potential of what Hootsuite can do for your brand, you’ll want to sign up for a free trial of Hootsuite. Within the Hootsuite platform, you get unlimited AI writing and content ideas, so you can spend more time on what matters more (scrolling TikTok for “ideas,” maybe?).

Each free social media tool is powered by its own magic formula. In some cases, that magic formula is AI. Specifically, many of our free tools use the latest version of the natural language processing chatbot ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT understands human inputs and is capable of coming up with really impressive, human-like responses, which makes it great for helping you write, brainstorm, and strategize.

AI is great and all, but it works best in conjunction with humans. The truth is that the real secret sauce behind these free tools is our nearly two decades of social media expertise. Many of our social media tools were developed with the help of the best social media pros in the business. 

For example, our engagement rate calculator uses a custom formula developed by our in-house social pros. They know social media metrics inside and out, so it only makes sense that they infuse our tools with their social know-how so you can benefit, too.

You’ve just discovered your new social media secret weapon, but the Hootsuite platform is the ultimate social media tool. It brings unlimited AI writing and content ideas to one tab alongside scheduling, analytics, inbox management, and social listening. (That’s why social pros rate Hootsuite the no. 1 social media management tool, by the way).

You can get a free trial of Hootsuite right now to bring all your favorite social media management tools to one convenient dashboard. Plus, when you sign up for Hootsuite, you’ll never have to write your own posts again. There’s no limit to the number of captions and ideas you can generate with Hootsuite’s OwlyWriter AI. So go ahead and let the robots take care of it for you.

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A dozen social media tools. One tab.

Grow on social media in half the time. Hootsuite brings scheduling, analytics, automation, and inbox management to one dashboard.