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Need a new handle fast? Try our free username generator

Not sure what to call yourself online? Hootsuite’s instant username generator will give you username ideas that perfectly suit your internet persona (or the one you’re scheming up).


Please note: This tool may display inaccurate or offensive material that doesn’t represent Hootsuite’s views. You’re solely responsible for use of any content generated using this tool, including its compliance with applicable laws and third-party rights.

What is a username generator?

A username generator is a tool that instantly provides a list of social media usernames based on the information you provide. Ours uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a little help from you to create tons of clever and fun usernames in a matter of seconds.

Get a list of handles for every platform — InstagramTikTokYouTube, Pinterest, Roblox, you name it. When you provide the generator with a few words that describe you and your interests, it’ll throw out options that encapsulate your personality.

What can I use this username generator for?

This AI username generator is designed to take the guesswork out of coming up with usernames across the internet. From online forums to gaming platforms, it’ll save you hours of brain-racking when signing up for new sites or reinventing your online identity.

Social media platforms

The best thing about our username generator is that it can help you come up with social media handle ideas in literal seconds. Pick a new handle for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, YouTube, BeReal, Snapchat, Mastodon, Twitch, or any other website that requires you to register with a handle.


We find our random username generator super-handy for online forums like Reddit, Discord, Steam, GitHub, and Medium. Get a quick name for your throwaway account to post completely anonymously or pick a main handle based on your true personality and interests.

Gaming websites

This tool also works as a gaming username generator for Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, Valorant, Xbox, Playstation, and more. Give it some ideas based on your gaming style, your favorite game, or an inside joke to make your fellow gamers laugh.

How to use this username generator

Whether you’re looking for funny, unique, serious, or cute username ideas, this tool will help you choose one with virtually no effort. Here’s how to use it in a few quick steps.

Step 1: Brainstorm who you want to be

Think about how you’d like to be known online. Do you want to be seen as funny, authoritative, knowledgeable, or goofy? Then come up with some words, phrases, or themes that embody that.

Step 2: Select your account type and category

The username generator is smart, but it still needs a bit of info from you for the best results. It will ask if you run a business account or if you’re a content creator as well as which category best describes your account.

Step 3: Add a short description

Simply add words that describe you or your business and poof! The AI will do all the creative work for you. Then you can head over to your platform of choice and register from scratch or change your username.

Step 4: Claim your username

Lastly, make sure your username is available on the platform you’re using and double check that it fits its requirements and terms of use. Then head over to the social network and initiate your change!

How to create a unique username: 5 tips

Choosing a username is a big deal. Just imagine: you go viral on TikTok, make lifelong friends on a forum, or rise to the top of the leaderboard on an up-and-coming gaming platform. The name you go by online could stick with you for years, so you want to make sure you choose wisely. These tips will help you nail it.

Decide if you want to stay anon

One of the first questions you want to ask yourself when choosing a new username is “how anonymous do I want to be?” Including any identifiable information at all, no matter how seemingly unimportant, could tip people off to your real identity. (Don’t believe us? Check out the TikToker who consensually doxxes people to show how easy it is to find peoples’ private information online).

Zero in on a few key parts of your personality

Start by identifying some of your key personality traits and your niche online. Completely stumped? Think about your favorite sport, food, celebrity, or place. How do friends describe you? What are your favorite creators’ handles? Then come up with a few words that represent that sentiment and you as a person — your hobbies, interests, and personality traits.

Take inspo from your favorite creators

In order to prevent confusion, you want to make sure your handle is completely unique to you. Still, it helps to look at the usernames of some of your favorite online personalities to get some ideas of what you like and what grabs your attention. If you’re a member of a certain online community or follow specific niches, consider going with a handle that fits right into those worlds.

Keep it simple and easy to remember

It’s hard enough to remember your password, so try to make your username as simple and straightforward as possible. You can still differentiate with your favorite number or an underscore, but avoid using any unnecessary symbols, letters, or numbers. Keep it short and sweet so that you and your followers never forget it.

If you run a business, stick to your brand name

This one’s pretty obvious, but make sure not to divert too much from your brand name if you’re running a business account. In cases where that isn’t possible, add numbers in place of letters or use underscores between words. The same logic applies to content creators looking to grow. The name you pick now will be closely associated with you into the future, so make sure it’s closely aligned with your personal brand.

What is a good username?

Everyone has their own definition of a “good” username, but in general we think a solid handle is one that’s unique, representative of your personality, and easy to remember. Complicated symbols, misspellings, or anything that could be considered offensive should, of course, be off the table. For businesses, the best usernames are your exact brand name (or as close to it as possible).

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