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Hootsuite and Talkwalker social listening tools

The world’s deepest social listening tool will soon be a part of the Hootsuite dashboard

Talkwalker social listening software is coming soon to Hootsuite! Monitor online conversations about your brand, products, and emerging trends with enhanced social listening. Plus, understand consumer behavior and brand sentiment.

Hootsuite just acquired Talkwalker, the leader in social listening

Take the #1 social media management platform, add Talkwalker's next-generation social listening software, and you get the world’s first social media performance engine.

You can’t have eyes in a million places at
once. Oh wait, yes you can

…with Hootsuite and Talkwalker, anyway.

Never miss a thing with the broadest social listening data coverage on the market. Track mentions across 150 million websites, 30 social media channels, and 187 languages — coming soon to the Hootsuite dashboard.

Catch wind of the latest trends, hashtags, and topics before they blow up online. These insights won’t just inform your posting strategy, they’re invaluable in shaping your overall business strategy.

Create deep competitor analysis reports in seconds. Keep an eye on what people are saying — and how they feel — about the big players in your industry, and take advantage of the opportunities you spot.

Identify demographics, preferred platforms, behaviors, interests, and sentiments so you can understand how to bring even more value to your target audience

Social listening is the easiest way to grow your engagement, reach, followers, and revenue

Want an in-depth view of what people think, feel, and say about your brand in a matter of seconds? You got it. 

Protect (and improve) your brand’s reputation

Never miss your chance to mitigate negative chatter. Plus, identify fraudulent pages, quickly correct sources of misinformation, and manage crises. Set up real-time data alerts, easily investigate spikes, and monitor key issues as they unfold.

Optimize your social strategy with better data

Talkwalker’s BlueSilk™ AI is the most comprehensive AI built for social media. Get access to personalized, real-time insights from billions of data points. Predict topic volumes over the next 90 days, automatically identify the most relevant trends and conversations, and identify key emotions and sentiments.

Find the most relevant (and powerful) influencers for your brand

Connect with new audiences through trusted voices in your industry. Discover the partnerships and collaborations that are the most relevant to your brand, industry, and audience. In seconds, you can identify top influencers by their engagement rate, reach, and social network. 

Find out where your most valuable customers spend their time online

Launch more effective marketing campaigns and build loyalty by understanding how and where relevant conversations happen. Discover your brand’s most influential platforms, publications, authors, influencers, and journalists to optimize outreach and content.

Build attractive custom reports showing the metrics you care about

Impress your boss and add deeper insights to presentations with custom social listening reports and data exports. Instantly export reports as PDFs or presentations. Plus, set up automatic report dispatches to keep an eye on your progress via email.

“The insights that Talkwalker provides us have been incredible and have really informed our campaign strategy. Providing these insights to our stakeholders demonstrates what social media can do for our brand and helps us secure investment to increase our budgets and grow our team."
Liz Grey
Social Media Manager
University of Sydney

Monitor everything. All in one place. In seconds.

Social media monitoring is easy when it’s all in one tab. Hootsuite social media listening has everything you need to get to know your customer, report on it quickly, and turn insights into valuable actions.

BlueSilk™ AI

Save time with social listening AI. Identify mentions of your brand in visuals, get future insights, and understand deep intelligence way faster.

Hootsuite Streams

All Hootsuite plans include Streams to monitor mentions, keywords, and hashtags. You can even reply to comments and messages from Streams.

Visual recognition

Talkwalker is the only tool that listens across video, memes, GIFs, audio, and more. AI visual recognition lets you monitor references to your brand logo, scenes, and objects.

Conversation clusters

Discover and visualize context around any topic at a glance. Visually map out trends and connections to detect emerging themes and conversations sooner.

Real-time alerts

Stay ahead of the conversion, mitigate negativity, and prevent crises with Talkwalker alerts. Get notified about new mentions on the web, social media, newspaper articles, forums, blogs, and more.

Advanced booleans

Advanced boolean catalogs let you pinpoint the exact data you want so you don’t have to filter through piles of irrelevant information. Short on time? Get info fast with quick search.

See what people are saying about your brand right now

Get a personalized demo to see exactly how Hootsuite social listening and social media management can help you 10x your social media performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social listening is the act of tracking brand mentions, reviews, and relevant conversations online. With the right social listening tools, you can listen in when people talk about your brand or product on social media, blogs, forums, review websites, videos, and more. 

You can use what you discover to measure your brand’s popularity, audience perception, and customer desires. And then you can use that information to sharpen your marketing strategy.

For an in-depth social listening definition and to find the best social media monitoring tool for your business, visit the Hootsuite blog.

Social listening helps you make more informed decisions about your brand, product, and strategy. It demonstrates how certain content resonates with your audience, gauges how you’re doing against your competition, and helps you identify where to spend the most time and resources. Social listening can help prevent negative reviews and reduce your risk of getting canceled.

Social media monitoring enhances customer advocacy by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what customers want. Identify your audience’s most common pain points, the features or products they desire the most, and what’s stopping them from converting. With these insights, you can build a better, more customer-centric product.

Social media listening tools track when a brand is mentioned online. They collect data from social media networks, blogs, forums, and review sites and display them in one feed. This provides an overview of metrics such as how often people mention your brand and how they feel about it.

All Hootsuite accounts come with basic social listening tools. Use your Professional, Team, Business, or Enterprise plan to set up custom feeds (Hootsuite Streams) that alert you whenever someone mentions your brand name, username, or the hashtags and keywords you specify.

Coming soon: Hootsuite customers will soon have access to the deepest social media monitoring software thanks to our Talkwalker acquisition.

A good social listening tool works by scouring the internet for mentions of your brand or specified keywords. Think of it like your own personal team of spies who hang out on every website waiting to report back relevant information. Every time someone talks about your company or the terms you specify, your social media monitor will record it and show it to you in a stream.

Of course! In addition to built-in tools like Hootsuite Streams and Talkwalker, the Hootsuite dashboard integrates with all the best social listening platforms and third-party tools to help you track reviews and mentions your way. Add ReviewTrackers, Digimind, Reddit, Google My Business, and more to your Hootsuite dashboard to keep an close eye on all the chatter in all the corners of the web.

The best social media listening software is one that helps you track everything people are saying about your brand without having to dig deep for information. With Hootsuite social media monitoring, you get a birds-eye view of the conversation and sentiment surrounding your brand, competitors, and industry. With built-in AI and Talkwalker Quick Search, you no longer have to go searching for key insights. It’s all available in the Hootsuite dashboard.