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Get more likes and sales with social media engagement tools

Get more followers, make an impression in the comments, and track your clout on social media. Hootsuite’s engagement tools reduce the time and effort you spend responding, engaging, and delighting your audience across social.

Hootsuite allows us to better understand the impact of social media and engage customers more strategically through social channels. As social media becomes a more important part of how our customers communicate, we will continue to invest here.
Sanjay Dholakia
Chief Marketing Officer

Everything you need to become the most engaging brand on social media.

Engage with followers, fans, and friends with the best social media engagement platform. All from a single dashboard.

Boost engagement with no extra effort

Tap into engagement-boosting tools like an automated hashtag generator and graphs that show you the best time to post content. No sweat. Plus, get insights into what your target audience wants to see and use Canva templates and AI to make engaging content fast.

Chime in on valuable conversations

Set up social listening for your most important keywords, hashtags, and mentions. Keep an ear out so you can engage in exciting convos and protect your brand’s reputation. Never miss a chance to clear up negativity or leave a positive impression in the comments section.

Easily measure your engagement

View your engagement rate by post, network, or account. Get tools to track your engagement rate over time, identify your most engaging posts, and customize reports so you can see it all in one view. Go ahead and brag about it, too.

Save hours with an automated, all-in-one inbox

Hootsuite brings all your private messages and public comments into one dashboard. Answer questions and make sales even if you’re away from your desk with saved replies, auto-responses, and chatbot capabilities. 

Boost revenue with social selling tools

Get more sales and leads right from the Hootsuite dashboard. Engage with prospects and customers from one place and nurture the sales process without any extra effort. Hootsuite even integrates with your favorite social selling software — Salesforce, HubSpot, SugarCRM, and more.

Hootsuite's chatbot functionality reduces the workload on my organizations support team by helping us respond to easy customer enquiries, thus letting our support agents focus on only complex enquiries from customers.
Michelle Burks
Project Manager, Savings Operations

Save 3,000+ hours of work annually with the no. 1 social media management tool

Collage with Hootsuite features
Collage with Hootsuite features

Create and publish content across multiple networks in one place. Dazzle your audience and grow fast with a bulk scheduler, a drag-and-drop content calendar, and graphs that show you the best time to post.

Use built-in Canva templates and an AI writer to handle the design, hashtags, and captions for you.

Identify the content, networks, and times that bring in the most engagement and revenue. Plus, check how you’re performing against others in your industry and see your social media ROI.

Declutter, de-stress, and save time with an all-in-one social media inbox that lets you respond to comments and DMs in one place. Plus, tap into sales engagement tools that help you sell more online.

Free Social Media Engagement Tools and Resources

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Free Engagement Rate Calculator (for multiple networks)

Try our free engagement rate calculator to quickly see how your posts are performing.

Blog: How to Increase Social Media Engagement

All our proven tactics for boosting your social media engagement are here in this in-depth guide.

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Free Hashtag Generator (for multiple networks)

Make your posts more engaging with our free hashtag generator for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hootsuite Streams are custom social media feeds that help you discover new engagement opportunities, find user-generated content to share, and keep track of activities across all your channels. 

You can set up Streams to monitor your own social media posts, mentions of your brand from your customers and prospects, activity from your competitors, or your industry at large.

In Streams, you can monitor mentions, reply to public comments, and reshare relevant content. No more hopping back and forth between networks or conducting time-consuming searches individually — it’s all in your Hootsuite dashboard. 

Streams are a great way to practice social listening because they help you keep track of social media activities related to your business or industry. 

Note: If you need a more robust social listening solution, we recommend adding advanced social listening to your plan.

You can set up Streams to monitor activity across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. We recommend setting up Streams on each network to ensure you never miss an engagement opportunity, even if one pops up in an unexpected place.

The best social media engagement tools are built into Hootsuite Analytics, with plans starting at $99 a month. But we’ve got plenty of freebies that’ll help you boost your engagement rate, too.

Hootsuite’s free tools page is a treasure trove for those in search of completely free tools to measure social media engagement. They’ll also help you give posts a much-needed boost. Generate hashtags and captions that’ll generate way more likes, comments, shares, and follows.

Quickly calculate your engagement rate with our free engagement rate calculator or measure how you’re performing on X (formerly Twitter) with our Twitter score calculator.

Yes. Hootsuite Amplify is the no. 1 employee advocacy solution. It allows teams to create approved, branded content designed specifically for employees to share. Studies show that brands see eight times more engagement when their content is shared by an employee rather than the business itself. Want a big boost in engagement? Consider adding Hootsuite Amplify to your plan.

Yes. Hootsuite’s FAQ chatbot (formerly Heyday by Hootsuite) is a social media chatbot that reduces your team’s message volume by up to 80% while simultaneously increasing its productivity by 25%. 

It provides immediate responses to customer inquiries 24/7, so you’ll never leave anyone hanging (even when your team is off the clock). Plus, we offer multi-language support, so you can grow your customer base and delight more followers around the world.

How does it work? You provide pre-approved answers to your brand’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), so your virtual agent is ready with answers anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is make sure your FAQs are up to date and Heyday will handle the rest.

Hootsuite’s conversational chatbot is trained to understand the intent and context of customer messages, even those with spelling errors, and automate personalized responses every time. If necessary, it will hand over conversations to human teammates to handle.

Oh, and our FAQ chatbot also helps you collect feedback with no extra effort. It allows you to automatically send CSAT surveys and instantly view your results in Hootsuite Analytics.

Absolutely. With Hootsuite, community management is easier than ever. Hootsuite’s tools help social media teams foster engagement, build strong relationships, and maintain the integrity of their online communities.

Hootsuite Streams and Hootsuite Inbox are two of the top community management tools in the industry. They help you keep your public and private interactions on-brand and consistent on Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter, and more.

With Streams, you can hop into relevant conversations and moderate as needed. Easily reply, hide, delete, tag, or share comments as needed — all from the Hootsuite dashboard. You can even send comments to Slack or email for later.

You can reply to public comments and private messages in your Hootsuite Inbox. Automation, a FAQs chatbot, saved replies, and more tools allow you to automate the community management process and save time.

Absolutely! Hootsuite Streams is great for discovering user-generated content (UGC) that you can share on your brand’s social media feeds. Plus, Hootsuite offers integrations with the top UGC tools, including TINT and Chute, so you can bring all your favorite sources into one tab.

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