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OwlyWriter AI — the best AI for busy social media pros

OwlyWriter AI makes posting on social media quick and easy. Instantly generate captions and get winning post ideas for every network. The tool is free for a limited time to all Hootsuite users. Sign up to try it and save hours of work.

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Social media AI that’s seriously easy to use

Our tool is more than a simple GPT plugin. Hootsuite’s social media expertise lives in the AI. We’ve taken 14+ years of experience to create winning content formulas for every network. Instant captions, post ideas, and more. The hottest AI model + the no. 1 social marketing platform = the best content-generator for social media.

Instantly generate social media captions

Add a short description or URL and OwlyWriter AI will whip up engaging captions in the tone or voice you tell it to use.

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Get content ideas and beat writer’s block 

Empty compose box stressing you out? Give OwlyWriter AI a prompt and get a list of content ideas. Choose the one you like and then ask the tool to write the post for you too. It’s like having your own creative content team.

Grow reach and boost engagement

Make every post a top performer with OwlyWriter AI’s repurpose tool. Choose your top-performing post from a list and it will automatically recreate that magic without duplication.

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Fill your content calendar fast

OwlyWriter AI knows what holidays and big events are on the horizon. Have it write all your celebratory content to engage your audience and capitalize on trends.

Stay safe and protect your brand

OwlyWriter AI will never post on your behalf. You’ll always get the chance to review and edit your content first. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the approval workflows you’ve already set up.

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OwlyWriter AI is a phenomenal tool that really helps crank out great verbiage on the fly or whenever my team is in a pinch. I’ve seen better numbers since my team has been using OwlyWriter AI. I love it and I don’t know how I lived so long without it.
Joel Acosta
Digital Media Manager
Concert Golf Partners

Automation, inspiration, and all your social networks in one place

OwlyWriter AI guides you through content ideation and creation in just a few clicks. And you never have to leave the Hootsuite dashboard.

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    Your personal copywriter

    Know what you want to post but need help writing it? Give OwlyWriter AI a prompt, and it will give you great captions using expert copywriting formulas.

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    Higher success rate

    Let your top–performing content work for you again and again. Have OwlyWriter AI rework the captions and generate more great content from there.

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    Get inspiration

    OwlyWriter AI is a powerful social media post generator that keeps your calendar full and audience engaged. Ask it to come up with ideas for other marketing channels too.

More time-saving content tools

Graphic showing OwlyWriter AI interface and Canva templates

With the built-in Canva tool, you can access thousands of beautiful templates from the Hootsuite dashboard. No more toggling back and forth between your favorite tools.

Get more eyes on your content with Hootsuite’s AI hashtag generator. It automatically gives you relevant hashtags based on your post’s caption and image.

Reach more people by scheduling your content to go live when your audience is most likely to engage. Hootsuite analyzes your top-performing posts and other signals to come up with the best recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

OwlyWriter AI is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It uses an AI-powered chatbot with GPT technology. GPT is designed to deliver human-like responses to inputs given by humans. It learned how to do this much like we humans did—by reading, listening to, and replicating existing text.

Never! OwlyWriter AI won’t publish your content automatically. You always have a chance to review and edit it first — you’re the boss.

Oh, and don’t worry about OwlyWriter AI getting in the way of your approval process. It integrates with the Hootsuite approval workflows you’ve already set up so you can be sure that all AI-generated posts are on-brand before they are published.

OwlyWriter AI is more than a GPT plugin. Hootsuite was the first social media management platform and is still no. 1 among social media managers. Our AI content creation tools layer in years of social media expertise to help address the unique challenge of coming up with and creating compelling posts on social media.

Unlike other social media AI tools, OwlyWriter AI requires only a minimal amount of text to get started. Give it a simple prompt and get specific copywriting formulas for each network or winning post ideas. OwlyWriter AI also knows what holidays are coming up and can help you create festive and timely content.

In addition to writing social media captions and generating content ideas, OwlyWriter AI can help you craft compelling copy for other marketing channels. OwlyWriter AI provides a variety of copywriting formulas that can help you boost conversions and engagement—whether you’re writing for social media or a landing page. 

Some of OwlyWriter AI’s copywriting formulas include HOOK (Headline, Offer, Unique angle, Kicker), AMP (Attention, Marketing Positioning, Proof), WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). These formulas help boost engagement and conversions.

OwlyWriter AI works seamlessly alongside existing compliance tools in Hootsuite, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your brand’s reputation or adding risk. 

Just like everything else you post through Hootsuite (using the Proofpoint plugin), the compliance check for your AI-generated content happens right in Composer. That way, the content you publish always meets your compliance requirements. And it works perfectly with Hootsuite’s built-in approval workflows, too.

All Hootsuite customers (Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise) will have access to OwlyWriter AI free of charge for a limited time during the open beta.

You’ll need to sign up for Hootsuite to fully experience OwlyWriter AI. For a limited time, it’s free to try for all Hootsuite customers and anyone on a Professional or Team trial. But Hootsuite also has released a library of free tools for social media managers, including a fun Instagram caption generator to help you create quick copy for your posts.

Try OwlyWriter AI and save hours of work

It’s seriously easy to use. Sign up for Hootsuite today and try it for free for a limited time.

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