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Recommend Hootsuite, reap the rewards

Elevate your brand and earn a commission on anyone you refer who signs up for Hootsuite's Professional and Team Plans.

Why join the Hootsuite affiliate program?

Drive value for your audience—and revenue for your business—by recommending Hootsuite, the #1 social media management tool.

Partner with the most trusted name in social media marketing to highlight your expertise and stand out from the competition.

Add another revenue stream to your books without paying a cent.

Cartoon of Hootsuite's mascot Owly thinking, with a thought bubble of two people shaking hands.
Cartoon of Hootsuite's mascot Owly thinking, with a thought bubble of two people shaking hands.
Cartoon of Hootsuite's mascot Owly thinking, with a thought bubble of two people shaking hands.

How to become a Hootsuite affiliate

One of us! One of us!

Submit an application

Once you’re accepted to the Hootsuite Affiliate Program, we’ll send you your unique affiliate link.

Put your stamp on it

Use our Affiliate Brand Kit to customize your content with the iconic red owl.

Start earning money

Earn a commission whenever a new, qualifying user signs up for Hootsuite’s Professional plan. Earn even more if they choose the Team plan. Track your referrals and receive payments through CJ.

Who are we looking to partner with?

Publishers and media networks

You publish content to a business audience that consumes social media news, software reviews, marketing tips, and industry-specific content.

Thought leaders & content creators

You have a loyal following of marketing professionals and make engaging social posts, videos, articles, email newsletters, templates, and other digital content.

Frequently asked questions

An affiliate program rewards businesses or other brands (affiliates) for driving traffic or sales to their products or services through unique tracking links. Affiliates earn commissions or incentives based on the desired action (e.g., clicks, leads, or sales) generated through their referrals.

Once you submit an application to the Hootsuite program via our application form, our team will review your application for acceptance. Upon acceptance you will receive a notification via email and a team member will be in touch with you to further discuss our partnership! If you are not already joined to the CJ network, you will be prompted to set up an account.

You are a better fit for the HootPartner program if your network is large businesses and enterprises. Click the link to learn more.

To review your performance, select Reports > Reports (Performance or Transactions). Then filter by “Advertiser > Hootsuite” and the desired timeframe  to analyze your progress.

Conversions are tracked via customized affiliate links through the CJ platform. Customers will click on your tracking link and a cookie will allow the network to trigger when a purchase is made. This is then tracked back to your account in the network. All transactions are attributed on a last click basis.

The cookie window for the Hootsuite program is 45 days for trials & buy now purchases and 45 days for trial to subscription conversions. 

Join the Hootsuite affiliate program today