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Social media inbox management, simplified

Respond to messages, comments, and customer service questions in one place. Do it all in half the time with a smarter social media inbox you can automate and customize.

I love having the inboxes on the same platform. It's a great way to look at all the accounts we manage and respond to customers on the central hub!"
Verified Reviewer

Love your social media inbox again

Never miss a message with Hootsuite Inbox — the best unified messaging tool and social media customer service platform. Inbox is your key to more engaged followers, happy customers, and stress-free social media teams. All social media messages in one place. Finally.

Never miss a thing

Inbox gives you a birds-eye view of all your public comments and private messages on every network. Easily search through all your past conversations to find what you need fast. Set up alerts so you see messages and posts that need your attention right away.

Cut response times in half

Respond faster, vanquish your SLAs, and delight customers with auto-responses, and saved replies. Inbox has built-in language detection and smart routing, so it will automatically assign queries to the best team member.

Delight your customers

Hootsuite’s all-in-one social inbox shows you every single conversation you’ve had with a given customer, on every single social media platform. So you can provide thoughtful, personalized responses fast. 

Improve performance with real-time insights

Supervisors can monitor conversations, topics, and CSAT in real-time with the Monitor tool. Collect feedback with no extra effort by automating CSAT surveys and instantly viewing your results in Hootsuite Analytics. 

Collaborate with ease

Whether tagging a teammate into a conversation or working alongside the customer service team to resolve an issue, Inbox makes cross-platform and cross-team collaboration easy. There are even features to ensure teammates don’t accidentally respond to the same comment. 

Reduce your team’s message volume by up to 80%

Instantly answer all your brand’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) — such as business hours and shipping policies — with a chatbot. Significantly reduce your team’s message volume and respond right away with no effort and 24/7 availability.

Link your CRM to your socials

Save time hopping between systems and sync conversations with customers. You can add a person’s social handles to their customer profile in Salesforce or Dynamics 365 without leaving the Hootsuite Dashboard.  

Meet your customers where they are

Streamline replies and join discussions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook icon

Facebook Inbox Management

Manage Facebook messages quickly and efficiently. Stay on top of Facebook Page private messages, public comments, replies, and visitor posts.

Instagram logo

Instagram Inbox Management

Manage Instagram messages, set up Instagram auto-reply, and integrate chatbots. Manage private messages, public comments and replies, and Story mentions.

Twitter logo

Twitter Inbox Management

Manage Twitter direct messages and set up Twitter auto-reply to handle your DMs. Plus, monitor Twitter mentions and join in on relevant threads.

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn Inbox Management

Manage LinkedIn conversations, including comments and replies on your LinkedIn Page and Showcase Page posts.

Save 3,000+ hours of work annually with the no. 1 social media management tool

Quickly design, schedule, and publish content for all your networks from one tab. Use built-in Canva templates and an AI writer to handle the design, hashtags, and captions for you.

Create and publish content across multiple networks in one place. Dazzle your audience and grow fast with a bulk scheduler, a drag-and-drop content calendar, and graphs that show you the best time to post.

Identify the content, networks, and times that bring in the most engagement and revenue. Plus, see how you’re performing against others in your industry and see your social media ROI.

With Hootsuite’s engagement tools, you can provide seamless social media customer care and get more engagement. Hop into relevant conversations and provide valuable information when it’s needed.

Robot graphic showing Hootsuite's OwlyWriter AI features
Calendar graphic with recommended times to post
Collage featuring Hootsuite analytics features
Collage showing Hootsuite inbox features
The smoothness of the navigation of Inbox not only improved the social care team's performance but also positively impacted our customer experience. The conversation search feature allowed us to go back and track old conversations and cases of clients easier and faster than ever.
Cynthia Tokajian
Senior Associate Community Engagement
Bank al Etihad

Frequently Asked Questions

Hootsuite Inbox is an innovative social media inbox and messaging tool that sets you up for better engagement, customer service, and cross-team collaboration. 

Need to save time? Inbox has tons of features to help you automate social media messaging. Set up social media chatbots or use saved replies to reduce response times and eliminate tedious tasks. You can even automatically tag or add topics to messages to stay organized.

In addition to improving messaging, Inbox also serves as an AI customer service tool that helps you close more sales on social media. Integrate your CRM, automatically collect and export customer data, and launch CSAT surveys to enhance the customer experience further.

Every Hootsuite plan comes with best-in-class social media engagement and messaging tools. 

The most advanced features, such as chatbots, real-time insights, set prioritizations, and more are included in Advanced Inbox as a paid add-on for the Hootsuite Enterprise plan.

Hootsuite Streams are custom social media feeds that help you discover new engagement opportunities, find user-generated content to share, and keep track of activities across all your channels. 

You can set up Streams to monitor your own social media posts, mentions of your brand from your customers and prospects, activity from your competitors, or your industry at large.

In Streams, you can monitor mentions, reply to public comments, and reshare relevant content. No more hopping back and forth between networks or conducting time-consuming searches individually — it’s all in your Hootsuite dashboard. 

Streams are a great way to practice social listening because they help you keep track of social media activities related to your business or industry. 

Note: If you need a more robust social listening solution, we recommend adding Hootsuite Insights to your plan. Insights simplifies consumer research and helps you strategize smarter.

You can set up Streams to monitor activity across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. We recommend setting up Streams on each network to ensure you never miss an engagement opportunity, even if one pops up in an unexpected place.

Hootsuite Inbox currently supports messaging across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For the most part, conversations will remain in your Hootsuite Inbox for six weeks. The only exception is LinkedIn conversations, which disappear from Inbox after two weeks of inactivity on a thread. 

Each social media profile linked to your Hootsuite Inbox can hold up to 10,000 public conversations and 10,000 private conversations. Once you reach that limit, the oldest conversations will be removed from Inbox.

Yes. Heyday by Hootsuite is a social media chatbot that reduces your team’s message volume by up to 80% while simultaneously increasing its productivity by 25%. 

Heyday provides immediate responses to customer inquiries 24/7, so you’ll never leave anyone hanging (even when your team is off the clock). Plus, we offer multi-language support, so you can grow your customer base and delight more followers around the world.

How does it work? You provide pre-approved answers to your brand’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), so your virtual agent is ready with answers anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is make sure your FAQs are up to date and Heyday will handle the rest.

Hootsuite’s conversational chatbot is trained to understand the intent and context of customer messages, even those with spelling errors, and automate personalized responses every time. If necessary, it will hand over conversations to human teammates to handle.

Oh, and our FAQ chatbot also helps you collect feedback with no extra effort. It allows you to automatically send CSAT surveys and instantly view your results in Hootsuite Analytics.

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De-clutter and delight your customers with the best social inbox tool.