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The no. 1 social media management tool for law firms

Drive leads and grow your business on social media with a tool that makes it easy to create engaging content. Hootsuite automates social media for lawyers and law firms and shows your results at a glance.

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  • 100%

    Increase in monthly website visitors with the help of Hootsuite.

  • 3X ROI

    Professional services companies have used Hootsuite to boost revenue sourced by social media by more than 250%.

  • 25M

    People use Hootsuite to help them grow on social media.

Improve the client experience and save time

Your social media marketing tools should help you reach potential clients and make communicating with them easier. Hootsuite has everything you need to attract new clients and keep your current ones well-informed.

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The ability to program content automatically and analyze how our target audience behaves has greatly improved our presence in social networks. It is such an effective tool that in a few days our followers have increased on Facebook. I would not change this application for anything."
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Bruno Baldwin
Chapman and Cutler LLP
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Simplifying social media for attorneys

Reduce response time and keep clients and prospects engaged with a universal social media inbox that lets you manage messages and comments across all your platforms.

Easily set up customizable approval workflows. Stay compliant with your law firm's social media policy and adhere to your bar association’s social networking and advertising rules.

Broadcast new hiring opportunities, grow your firm’s reputation, and set up your team to become thought leaders with attorney advocacy tools.

Get actionable insights on what’s working and what’s not with advanced reports. Benchmark your performance against your competitors and your industry at large.

Drive revenue, attract more clients, and prove ROI — on one secure platform

Hootsuite helps you reach more people, attract high-value leads, and protect your firm from negative reviews — all in one place. Attorneys use Hootsuite to effectively grow their reputation and their client base.

Get more clients and impress your current ones

Build brand awareness and attract more quality leads with social advertising, advanced analytics, and social selling tools. Plus, use Hootsuite’s universal social media inbox to engage with prospective and current clients.

Stay miles ahead of the competition

Stand out from your competitors with efficient planning and publishing tools that let you create engaging content in seconds. Use Hootsuite’s analytics to measure your performance against your biggest rivals and get personalized tips on how to improve.

Save time with automation

Save hours each week by automating your workflows, customizing branded templates, and using AI to draft your captions. Plus, delight your clients with instant, automated replies to every comment and DM.  

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Create captivating content (that’s also compliant)

Earn more quality leads with tailored content suggestions and brand-approved templates. Build relationships with clients and prospects with the help of AI content that goes through your standard compliance and approval workflows.

Protect your reputation and never miss a thing

Hootsuite lets you monitor mentions, brand sentiment, and emotion over time. Add integrations like ReviewTrackers to monitor reviews on over 50 websites. Use Hootsuite Streams to keep your finger on the pulse of relevant mentions, keywords, and hashtags.

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Sell more with social media

The Hootsuite Amplify social selling dashboard helps you find and engage with prospects. Position partners as thought leaders and set them up to share powerful content. Plus, use Hootsuite Streams to find and engage with people who are looking for services like yours in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed! Hootsuite has all the tools you need to execute your law firm’s social media strategy quickly. Whether you want to capitalize on the popularity of YouTube for lawyers or lean into Instagram, Hootsuite’s user-friendly dashboard will help you do it.

Fill your law firm social media calendar fast with automation tools, including an AI caption writer, hashtag generator, and ideas engine. Prepare content for every network in seconds with attractive social media templates right at your fingertips.

With bulk scheduling and multi-platform publishing, you can automate the posting process, too. Schedule posts to go live across your social channels at the perfect time in just a few clicks. Then, with Hootsuite Analytics, effortlessly track your performance and get personalized tips on how to improve.

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Yes. Create LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook ads for lawyers fast with attractive templates and an automated caption generator — all in one dashboard. Transform your best-performing posts into ads, view and measure results, and create campaigns in one place.

Hootsuite comes equipped with social media advertising tools that help you boost your law firm’s reputation and attract more clients. Create, manage, and analyze social media ads right alongside your organic posts with Hootsuite.

Bonus: when you sign up now, you’ll automatically get $500 USD in ad credits to advertise on LinkedIn.

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Yes. Legal pros need to be cognizant of their firm’s policies as well as legal society and bar association rules when posting and advertising on social media. Hootsuite is designed to help you and your team stay safe and compliant while growing your brand online.

Hootsuite works with crucial compliance tools that ensure you and your team members never publish risky content. With the Proofpoint integration, team members can’t publish posts until they’ve met your firm’s compliance standards.

You can also set up workflows so all posts are approved by the right people before they go live. Not only does this help you stay above board, but it also helps you provide the most accurate and up-to-date information every time someone reaches out.

See how Hootsuite can help you win big for your clients.

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