Biggest Subcultures and Communities on TikTok

Discover the tight-knit communities and niche groups where anyone can find their place. 

The ‘toks’ inside TikTok

For a platform that promotes creativity and self-expression, it’s no surprise how easily users find their people on TikTok. These communities and subcultures are usually built around shared interests, aesthetics, or lifestyles. More importantly, members of these subcultures also share the same core values and uphold the same causes.

Communities and subcultures are a powerful way for companies to reach their audience on TikTok. TikTok itself even suggests that they are the new demographics, because while their members vary in age, gender, and economic background, they converge around what they’re passionate about—and the brands and products that best represent it. 

But what do these TikTok communities actually look like? We rounded up some of the biggest on the platform to give you an idea (but don’t stop here because there’s always more to explore). 

TikTok by the numbers

  • 70%
    of TikTok users say they feel like they’re part of a community¹
  • 78%
    of TikTok users agree that the best brands are ones that share their ideas and work with users²
  • 7 in 10
    TikTok users feel communities on the platform can affect change in culture³


#BookTok is the TikTok gathering place of bookworms and bibliophiles. It pertains to anything book and writing related—book reviews, writing tips, discussions, and even reenactments of novels.

And while some top “booktokers” like @abbysbooks mainly talk about novels, the community embraces all types and genres of books. Did you publish a self-help book or the ultimate guide to your industry? Welcome to #BookTok!


One of the biggest subcultures to ever hit TikTok and beyond, #CottageCore is a lifestyle and aesthetic that romanticizes country life and simple—but visually appealing—living.

Just like #CottageCore influencer @aclotheshorse’s content, it’s filled with flowy dresses, wild gardens, charming houses, and rustic pies. More than these though, it celebrates connectedness to nature, femininity, and sustainability.

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  • #DarkAcademia Image


    As the name implies, this is a subculture and aesthetic that celebrates the academe: literature, learning, tweed coats, plaid, and argyle sweaters. It’s a popular aesthetic for Gen Zers who have yet to get a taste of university life, thanks to the pandemic. Like community influencer @cosyfaerie’s feed, #DarkAcademia favors darker materials and tends to slant into the more gothic realms (think Edgar Allan Poe). It also has a sister aesthetic, #LightAcademia, which leans towards beiges and light neutrals.

  • TikTok Subcultures #EGirl & #EBoy Image

    #EGirl & #EBoy

    Short for “electronic girl” or “electronic boy,” the #EGirl and #EBoy subcultures are known to some as the next iteration of the goth/emo scene of the early 2000s while also being the evolution of cosplay, video game, and anime communities. They’re folks who shun mainstream aesthetics and instead value showing up as yourself—whatever that looks like. Top TikTok #EGirl @salinakilla even manages to try it all with her looks that range from funky bubblegum to creepy clown.

  • #FitTok Image


    Fitness is often intimidating for many, thanks to an image of hyper-perfection cultivated over the years (and idealized across many social platforms). On TikTok though, it’s an approachable and inclusive community. #FitTok is less about appearance and more about going out there, doing something, and getting all the support you need. Athlete, bodybuilder, and top FitToker @demibagby even demos workouts on sidewalks using your car door—because why not!

  • #MomsOfTikTok Image


    The TikTok Millennial takeover comes in the form of #MomsOfTikTok. Unlike its Instagram counterpart, it’s not about perfection or glamor—you’ll rarely see overly made-up, fashionista moms here. Instead, it tackles the realities of parenthood, messy ponytail and all, but always with a funny, self-aware, and supportive approach. @ongsquad, for instance, is a mix of parenting tips, baby trivia, skits, and dancing.

  • #PlantTok Image


    The #PlantTok community sprouted (get it, sprouted? badum tss) over the pandemic, and is now a refuge for panicked plant parents, budding indoor plant enthusiasts, and seasoned hobbyists. Followers of the hashtag can get tips and advice on anything plant-related. And the community’s top creators, like @theplantprodigy and @gardenmarcus, provide guidance on the basics of plantcare (like potting and repotting) all the way to whether you can save your dying plant.

  • #WitchTok Image


    We’ve been enamored by magic and witchcraft long before Harry Potter made us dream of attending Hogwarts, and the #WitchTok community is the perfect 21st century adaptation. Overflowing with mysticism (astrology, tarot cards) and a dash of Mother Earth (ritual cleanses, moon phases), this subculture focuses on empowerment and positive energy. Creators like @officialmadamadam even manage to blend the mystical with fun TikTok trends to give #WitchTok content a whole other dimension.

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