Hootsuite is the leader in social media management and Adobe’s preferred social media partner. Our unparalleled expertise, customer insights at scale, and collaborative ecosystem help people and organizations succeed with social.

Hootsuite’s partnership with Adobe brings together cross-channel campaign and social media management for enterprises in one dashboard, giving marketers the insights they need to design personalized experiences across platforms and channels.

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Measure social campaign performance against other channels

  • Gain insight into the performance and ROI of your social campaigns across multiple channels
  • Connect social posts to web analytics to better understand post performance and attribute web conversions across organic and paid social campaigns
  • Create cross-channel campaign reports within Adobe Analytics that show performance from social marketing efforts for omni-channel insights 
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Personalize campaigns with integrated social data

  • Match and combine social data with Adobe Campaign customer records for a richer customer profile
  • Use social interaction data to design and trigger targeted and engaging marketing messages
  • Track customer interactions in one system and better understand the customer lifecycle
  • Fine-tune audience creation by generating audiences from profiles in your email database that are active on social
  • Integrate social data into Marketo Engagement Platform to gain a full view of each lead across the entire customer journey and add social to your lead scoring programs
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Create winning social ads with integrated data

  • Sync leads and email data between ad platforms and Adobe Campaign with Hootsuite Ads Data Sync and Adobe Campaign Standard
  • Export profiles from Adobe Campaign Standard to enrich your audiences in Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Populate profiles in Adobe Campaign Standard from Facebook Lead Campaigns and other CRM tools
  • Connect your Lead Ad Forms to the Marketo Engagement Platform and recreated lists from Marketo Engagement Platform in Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn for retargeting with Hootsuite Ads Data Sync
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Easily find and use professional-quality images and video licensed for social

  • Search and discover assets from Adobe Stock’s library of 90M+ high-quality images
  • Browse your AEM Assets library within Hootsuite Publisher
  • Share approved and licensed content to social channels
  • License assets directly within the Hootsuite dashboard