The Global State of Digital 2022 (October Update)

Trying to digest all the latest data on social media, ecommerce, and online advertising can feel like drinking from a firehose. There’s just… so, so much. Luckily, we’ve cherry-picked all the most important marketing stats from our updated Digital 2022 report, so you can keep your social strategy fine-tuned in Q4. 

Want to hear today’s must-know marketing data? Scan through the newest edition of our Top Takeaways. Prefer a longer read? Then keep scrolling, my friend—we’ve got over 300 pages of industry-leading research waiting in the full report.

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  • 1,02 bilhões

    Público em potencial com mais de 18 anos que os profissionais de marketing podem alcançar com anúncios no TikTok

  • 75%

    Usuários da internet de 16 a 64 anos que usam mídias sociais para pesquisar marcas e produtos

  • 9,9%

    Crescimento no segundo trimestre do público potencial que os profissionais de marketing podem alcançar com os anúncios do Instagram Reels

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Cherry-picked stats to grow your biz on social

Does the idea of reading 300 pages of data make your brain want to melt? Our Top Takeaways come with every stat you’ll need to run cutting-edge campaigns and back your strategy up with evidence.

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