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Wondering why we’ve gone country?

Our latest research found that people love it when brands get involved in pop culture moments. 

To put this to the test, we jumped onto one of 2024’s hottest trends: country music. And we went all out with a four-track album and music video starring the one and only Owly (available for hire Bey, just saying). Check it out below and stay tuned for the results.

What else do people want (or NOT want) from your brand on social?

We spoke to real people (not just other marketers) to get their honest takes on how they feel about social marketing—and the insights are pure gold

Throw all your social marketing assumptions out the window

We’ve got the truth about why people follow, engage, buy, and break up with brands on social media

of people who follow brands on social have explicit plans to purchase from them
of people have unfollowed/hidden a brand in the past 12 months for posting boring content
of people say they’re most likely to follow brands that post relatable and authentic content on social

Become celebrated. Not tolerated.

We surveyed 6,000+ consumers to answer the biggest questions marketers have about what people actually want from brands on social media

What kinds of conversations should brands join on social?

Brands don’t run social media. People do. From social justice movements to major sporting events, discover the things marketers should never post about—and where branded content is actually welcome.

Hootsuite's mascot Owly dressed in a cowboy hat and neckerchief at a country Western bar talking with a female patron.

Are today’s followers really tomorrow’s buyers?

Do social media followers really have monetary value? Spoiler: YUP. We’ll show you which followers buy most often and how you can get more of them to follow your brand.

Hootsuite's mascot Owly in a cowboy hat standing by a fence on a farm.

How do different types of content affect the purchase journey?

Buying behavior might not be as linear as many marketers think. Discover how paid, organic, and shared content from brands move people through the stages of the marketing funnel.

Stylized cartoon golden laptop with an image of Owly line dancing in a country bar with a small group of people.

The people have spoken. Will marketers listen?

A mock-up of a vinyl record jacket titled "Hootsuite Country Owly" with a picture of Owly leaning against a tree on a farm.