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2023 Social Media Career Report

Uncovering the state (and state of mind) of the social media marketer

Social marketers have finally made it to the big leagues

But still struggle to make the big bucks

From the early days of modern social media marketing (back when we were still poking each other on Facebook) until now, the profession has seen countless transformations, fueled by the speed of social media itself.

Needless to say, the last couple decades have been a wild ride for social marketers. 

But today, they pride themselves on effectively using social media to catapult their brands’ success—and they’re (slowly) gaining more respect for it.

So in 2023, we can finally say (with confidence) that social marketing has blossomed into a full-fledged career, which makes it the perfect time to talk about it.

In the first report of its kind, we’re spilling the tea on what it’s really like to work in social media management. We explore salaries, career progression, mental health, and more—providing the insights and advice you need to make informed decisions and take control of your career.

It’s the career guide (and emotional support) you’ve been waiting for. Dig in.

A snapshot of the average social media marketer

  • Millennial (29-43 years old)

  • Woman

  • White

  • College-educated (studied journalism or marketing)

  • Has no formal education in social media

  • Has 5 years of social marketing experience

  • Works in-house

  • Makes a salary of US$67,585 plus a US$6,470 bonus

  • Gets 3 weeks paid vacation per year

  • Loves her job

A goldmine of career insights to get you ahead

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about social marketing as a career—what your peers make, whether you're in line for a raise or promotion, and how to steer clear of burnout. Find it all in the complete 2023 Social Media Career Report.

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All your feelings—validated

Working in social media can be an emotional rollercoaster, one that social pros often turn into jokes (or even social content).

But we take those feelings seriously. It’s why we’re putting those emotions front and center.

You’ll notice these icons as you browse—they hint at what’s to come and how you might feel about it (whether you need to grab some tissues, have your meditation app on standby, or cue the music for your happy dance).

About the survey

  • 3,842
    qualified respondents
  • 13+
  • 55%
  • 40%
    managers and above

Research methods

This report is based on a survey of 3,842 qualified social marketers, and was conducted in March and April 2023.

We also conducted primary interviews with social media practitioners and leaders across different industries.

Our primary data has been supplemented by secondary research from The Conference Board, Marketing Week, Pew Research, McKinsey, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Mind Share Partners, American Psychological Association, LinkedIn, Built In, and others.

  • Job function of salaried survey respondents

    A graph showing the "Job function of salaried survey respondents" with results showing 55% are practitioners, 27% are managers, 9% are directors, 2% are VP, 2% are C-level executives, and 5% are other.

  • Employment type of survey respondents

    A graph showing "Employment type of survey respondents", which results being 70% in-house, 13% agency or consultancy, 9% freelancer or contractor, and 7% content creator.

  • Social media experience of survey respondents

    A graph of "Social media experience of survey respondents", with results being 48% 4 years or less, 35% 5-9 years, 13% 10-14 years, and 4% 15 years or more.

  • Work location of salaried survey respondents

    A graph showing "Work location of salaried survey respondents", with results being 24% remote, 45% hybrid, and 31% office.

Dig into the top stories

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    Happiness/ Hardships

    Find happiness. Achieve work/life balance. Have fun. All the secrets to job satisfaction in social media marketing.

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    Meet the real social marketers. Tackle your tasks stress-free. Find your social dream team. All the career path knowledge you could ever want.

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    Level up your salary with a bonus. Join the highest-paid social pros. Fight for gender pay equity. All the money-making tips you need.

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    Cashing in/ Burning out

    Make more money. Get promoted. Resist the dark side of the biz. All the career insights you’re dying to know.

Unlock 100’s of ways to elevate your career

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