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Promote your best organic social content directly from Hootsuite.

Save time by promoting content right from your dashboard

Create and manage promoted post campaigns from the same dashboard you use to manage your organic social content and engagement.

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Extend the reach of your organic content

Getting attention on social media is tougher than ever. Incorporate a paid strategy to help your organic content reach more people.

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Optimize your ad spend

Ensure your promoted content reaches the right people. Use audience creation options to target users based on geographic and personal characteristics.

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Boost for Facebook

Extend the reach of your Facebook content to new audiences targeted by location, age, and interests. You can even set custom triggers to automatically boost posts.

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Promote your LinkedIn posts as Sponsored Content

Save time and succeed on LinkedIn by promoting organic posts as Sponsored Content and precisely target LinkedIn audiences based on their location, interests, or details related to their profession.

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    Social Ads How to Boost Organic Results with Paid Advertising

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    Optimize Your Facebook Ad Spend

    Facebook ads can be complicated. Learn how to optimize your next campaign and make sure you maximize every dollar spent.

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