Ow.ly: Ahora en el panel de control de Hootsuite

Acorta los enlaces, mide el tráfico y demuestra tu retorno de la inversión en redes sociales dentro del panel de control de Hootsuite.

Ow.ly Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a Hootsuite account to use Ow.ly?

    Previously, Ow.ly was available to everyone. However, to increase security for our users, we’ve moved the Ow.ly link shortener into the Hootsuite dashboard. To access it, sign up for your free Hootsuite account here.

  • Is it easy to use Ow.ly in Hootsuite? 

    Yes. The Hootsuite dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, so shortening links and tracking clicks is a cinch. 

  • Does it cost money to use Ow.ly in Hootsuite? 

    No. The free version of Hootsuite gives you unlimited access to the Ow.ly link shortener. You can also upgrade to a paid plan if you need more features.

  • Are there any other benefits to using Hootsuite? 

    Lots! Hootsuite is the most popular social media management platform on earth and lets you manage all your social accounts in one place, schedule messages in advance, track important conversations, and, of course, use the Ow.ly link shortener for free.