People are the heart of every community, and we believe that social is the most effective way to build better and stronger communities.

With more than 18 million users and counting, we have the power to effect positive change. We provide discounts and education to help nonprofits harness the power of social media and change the world we live in.

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Offriamo sconti alle organizzazioni no-profit

Per agevolare le organizzazioni no-profit che vogliono sfruttare il potenziale dei social media, offriamo fino al 50% di sconto sulle soluzioni per i social media. Richiedi subito il tuo sconto. Facciamo qualcosa di grandioso insieme.

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Forniamo programmi formativi alle organizzazioni no-profit

Whether you're looking to build your skills or achieve your nonprofit’s objectives using social, our courses and certifications will help you succeed with social media.

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Investiamo sul futuro

The League of Innovators (LOI) is a resident partner charity that Hootsuite supports. LOI gives young innovators the tools and education they need to bring ideas to life and build a better future.

Per saperne di più, visita il sito di League of Innovators.

Before we used Hootsuite, our time was spent natively posting on each social channel around the world. Now all of our content is managed on one platform, giving us the time to focus on improving the overall strategy of campaigns.

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