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Hootsuite AI Powered Services - List of AI Service Providers

Last Modified: July 9, 2024

To help us provide the Enterprise Services or Self-Serve Services, as applicable (each, the “Services”), Hootsuite Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “Hootsuite”) engages and uses AI Service Providers as defined in and in accordance with the Hootsuite AI Terms. The following table describes the AI Functionality currently available in the Services and whether such AI Functionality is provided by Hootsuite (“Hootsuite AI”) or an AI Service Provider. This table may be updated by Hootsuite from time to time in its sole discretion without notice to you.

Please note that if an AI Powered Service is in Beta, then the Beta terms will apply, rather than the Hootsuite AI Terms. Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the AI Terms

AI Powered Service

AI Service Provider or Hootsuite AI


Hashtag Recommendations

OpenAI, L.L.C. and AWS Rekognition

Recommend optimized hashtags on draft social posts in composer

AI Event Captions

Azure OpenAI 

Recommend optimized event captions in Planner

Hootsuite Listening - Alerts

Hootsuite AI

Uses data clustering and summarization

Hootsuite Listening - Analytics 

Hootsuite AI

Data annotations (sentiment, categories, etc.) which are used for filtering and segmentation in addition to summaries

AI Powered Services in Beta

Owlywriter AI (in Composer, Inspiration, and Ads)(Beta)

Azure OpenAI OpenAI, L.L.C.

Content generation to create and optimize customer social posts 

LLM Chatbot (Beta)


Generate responses to customer inquiries made through social media

Hootsuite Listening - Trending Topics (Beta)

Hootsuite AI

Identifies trending stories by clustering and generating titles and summaries for those clusters

SEOify (Experiment)


Optimize content for social media SEO

Post Consistency/Frequency (Experiment)


Suggested content generation via mobile push notification for publishing

OwlyWriter Brand Kit (Experiment)


Generate a prompt to prepend to OwlyWriter prompts for better customized content generation

Owly Insights On Mobile (Experiment)


Push notifications for weekly insights on mobile