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Hootsuite Makes Social Content Creation Seriously Easy with OwlyWriter AI

Hootsuite reinforces its commitment to helping customers overcome day-to-day creative block on social with latest AI-powered content creation tool — OwlyWriter AI  

VANCOUVER, BC — APRIL 19, 2023 — As the global leader in the social media management space, Hootsuite understands the importance of efficiency and ease better than anyone. To deepen its commitment to tackling its customers' content creation woes, Hootsuite is excited to announce the launch of its AI-powered content generator, OwlyWriter AI

To match the speed of social, social marketers are pumping out content with agility, every single day — accompanied by the inevitable challenge of creative block. From launching a comprehensive suite of content creation aids, to equipping social marketers with a social media toolkit to overcome creative dry spells, Hootsuite has been dedicated to enabling more effortless content creation with readily-available content and ideas to scale on social. Enter, OwlyWriter AI. 

OwlyWriter AI has been developed as a clear, step-by-step tool that requires very little information to generate post ideas and captions that are tailored to social. This content creation tool provides social marketers the opportunity to automate content creation tasks that will help simplify writing processes, spark innovation and inspiration, save time and boost efficiency in workflows.

“When we asked our customers the biggest challenge they face as social media managers, nearly  one-third of them told us it was ‘difficulty coming up with content ideas’,” said Natalia Williams, Chief Product Officer, Hootsuite. “With our customers at the heart of our product experience, we set out to design a tool that would make social-first content creation seriously easy, and help our customers break away from the ‘sea of content sameness’ on social, all at once.”

Eliminating ‘starting from scratch’ with OwlyWriter AI 

Hootsuite’s AI-powered content generator, OwlyWriter AI, leverages Generative Pre-trained Transformer technology (GPT) and prompt engineering to help make content creation simpler for its customers — all while eliminating the feeling of staring at a blank canvas. To get social creative juices flowing, this AI-powered content tool will help inspire social content ideas, generate brand-new formula-driven copy, turn web content into social posts, and rewrite top-performing posts with just a few simple prompts. Here are the five ways OwlyWriter AI can help generate content for social use cases: 

  • Repurpose top-performing posts: by identifying best performing organic content, OwlyWriter AI helps re-write content that is proven to drive engagement and reach to recreate the magic without the duplication.

  • Write brand-new captions: guiding users through a menu of options, OwlyWriter AI instantly turns answers into captions that can be tailored to social channels, or can be inspired by unique copywriting styles such as HOOK (Headline, Offer, Unique angle, Kicker), AMP (Attention, Marketing Positioning, Proof), WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

  • Get content inspiration and get started: thinking of OwlyWriter AI as an extension of the creative content team, users can feed simple prompts to generate content ideas and accompanying post options. 

  • Produce topical social posts: by providing OwlyWriter AI with a link to web content, such as a recent blog post or thought-provoking article, content from that webpage can easily be generated and turned into a social post. 

  • Boost audience engagement through key dates: to help social marketers tap into popular holidays, OwlyWriter AI can generate relevant celebratory content ideas — in turn, increasing timely engagement on social. 

Hootsuite is launching OwlyWriter AI as an open beta to its customers free of cost, for a limited time, to collect valuable feedback that will inform OwlyWriter AI’s continued innovation. These insights will help deliver more tailored improvements to the content tool as Hootsuite works to embed OwlyWriter AI throughout its entire product experience and content creation workflows for customers.

“We’re committed to continue building OwlyWriter AI’s powerful end-to-end social publishing capabilities into the multiple touchpoints where our customers struggle to come up with content ideas, create engaging posts and populate blank social content calendars. That is the future of OwlyWriter AI.” added Williams.

For more information on OwlyWriter AI, visit our website here

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