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The Social Media Toolkit for Fresh Ideas

Overcome creative dry spells with blogs, webinars, videos, and resources filled with post ideas, tips about ideation, and inspiration. 

Lay the foundation

Always start with the basics—for more reasons than you think. Yes, you’ll have a solid blueprint to rely on as you build your brand on social, but you’ll also uncover ideas that are practically fail-safe.

Audits reveal your top performers

Run a social media audit to see what’s working for your brand. Got some clear winners? Brainstorm their sequels.

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Permission to steal from your rivals

Conduct a competitor analysis to find out which ideas are slaying for your competitors—and then do it better!

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The social strategy advantage

Thinking up ideas isn’t as tough with a framework to keep you in check—so always have an updated strategy on hand.

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Put in the brainwork

The thinking game isn’t always easy—you have to endure the lows of idea generation to experience the highs. But you can achieve lightbulb moments quicker with these helpful strategies.

Brain dump FTW

Hearing crickets at your brainstorms? Fill the awkward silences—and have a blast—with these idea-unleashing tips.

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Curation conversation

Your customers are your secret weapon. Use content curation to piggyback off what they’re saying and creating.

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Creative block busters

Say bye to the no-idea blues. Our social team shares not-so-obvious things to try when you hit a creative wall.

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Think like a pro

An inside look at the tools and techniques social experts use to stay inspired and keep ideas a-comin’.

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Exercise your mind

Drawing blanks? Coloring can help—it’s been proven! Try it out with this coloring book/beacon of creative wisdom.

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Swoop up ideas

Here they are: ready-to-use ideas you can put into action right now. Plus, pure inspiration that’ll get your wheels spinning. Yours for the taking. You’re welcome.

We’ll keep you posted

Calling brands of all kinds: these scroll-stopping post ideas are all for you—and they’ll really hit the spot.

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No campaign, no gain

Social campaigns can do wonders for your biz. Take cues from these brands that did a bang-up job.

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Get into holiday mode

A massive list of social media holidays to fill your content calendar? Pick the ones that fit your niche and voilà!

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Make the ’Gram your jam

Stand out on Instagram and delight your followers with share-worthy ideas you’ll want to bookmark ASAP.

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What’s the story?

Views. Engagement. Shares. Get more of ‘em by adopting these cute, cool, and creative Instagram Story ideas.

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In the Reels world

We heart a vertical video. These clonable Instagram Reels ideas will inspire you to create fun vids that convert.

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Glow-up your TikTok

You need lots of ideas to feed TikTok. So when your imagination is tapped, this blog can help you hit the fyp.

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The missing link

On LinkedIn, linkless posts deliver. This experiment proves their value—and can inspire great content ideas.

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Twitter algorithm hack

Newsflash: Twitter favors linkless posts too. See how we tested our theory, then use the results to spark ideas.

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Fill in the gaps

You’re nearly there. You can see the light. But you’re not done just yet. Our templates will help you tie up loose ends and fill the empty spaces with ideas guaranteed not to bore your audience.

Yes, you Can(va) design gorgeous posts!

Don’t start posts from scratch—choose from dozens of beautiful Canva templates you can edit and publish in seconds.

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All your social ideas, all in one place

The key to staying organized and always having ideas on tap? A content calendar. Learn how to use one like a pro.

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The one template you can’t live without

Just for you: a content calendar template you can customize or use as-is. Just make a copy and get planning.

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Discover even more fresh ideas with Hootsuite.

Our tools make it easy to whip up high-quality content in a snap. Browse our catalog of ideas, pick out post templates you can customize, and create gorgeous Canva designs—right from your Hootsuite dashboard.

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